May 26th, 2009

From Scott Nguyen,
Today is the day !!!! It is a very special. Can you guess what it is?
It’s my BIRTHDAY. I waited while playing Halo-3.  I died 52 times.  That game is so hard.  Then my best friend, Kevin came, we both set up the water guns and the water balloons.

Then An and Raul came. Raul is a cool guy.  After that Jared came.  Many of them brought wonderful gifts.


Then Ricky came with his supercool scooter.

After that we had the wettest water gun fight ever. Our team was outnumbered.  I sniped at Ricky, Jared and others. Just from nowhere, Kevin came with a hose and started to spray at everyone. HE WAS CHEATING!!!!  Sometimes, I don’t know what’s wrong with that boy! The war went on and on. All of my friends got soaking wet because of that hose.
About one hour later, we came inside to change and had pizza with ice cream . We played more Halo-3. At about 6 p.m , my friends started leaving. I felt very sad that the party had to end.

I ate so much pizza and cake that my belly is bulging out. I had a very wonderful birthday party.
P.S: Next Saturday, Kelly will celebrate her own birthday because she wants to have it herself with her own friends going to the skating ring. Today she just had some cake, and helping me out with preparation for this party. Kelly is only 10 years old, but she acts like she is the boss of this house.Sometimes, Mom has to set the record straight.



You are a nice Mom.
You go to the stores ( sometimes).
You are a hard working Mom.
You make us eat and study all the times.
You are also a really great cook,
but next time make sure the French Fries more crispy.
You also read a lot.
That makes you smart.

Thank you for reading this.

From Scott N.

P.S: You need to save your money!

The Rat War.

From Scott Nguyen

Day Two/ The Rat War.

We bought the new exclusive glue tray and caught a big, fat mouse. This was the second rat we caught so far. There must be a rat kingdom in this house.


Golda has been missing for 3 days. Kelly missed the dog so much; she put up a sign that said:” Wanted, Golda, brown dog, reward will be paid.”


Wonder how much she will pay for the reward. Meanwhile when Scott was investigating near the pond, he realized all the fish were gone too. So he got his walkie- talkie out to report the incident to General Kevin.

Then Kevin screamed out at Scott:” You fool, you were supposed to check for rats.”

“Oh, I will get on with my duty,Sir.”


Just then , he saw an army of rats scurrying by. So he grabbed a grenade and killed himself , also the rat army. Scott dedicated his life for Kevin and Kelly.

The end.