Autobiography Poem

Kevin Nguyen
Brother Scott and Kelly
Son of Van and Luu
Who loves to play games, friends, reading
Who feels happy when being on computer with friends
Who needs luck, toys, games
Who shares toys, games, and food
Who fears bad people, robbers, and monsters
Who dreams of being rich.

By Kevin Nguyen in 2nd grade

By Kevin

Brunch at the hotel

Bac Hai took us out to a hotel called Marriott at Saw Grass to eat brunch.  There were seven of us:  Ong Noi, Ba Noi, Bac Hai, Co Hai, Chu Nam, Papa, and me.

There was so much food in a buffet!  We got there after 12, and it was not too crowded yet.

started with seafood salad. It had shrimp, fish, and some vegetables. It tasted like fish and it looked like it had ginger sauce.  Afterwards, I had a chicken pot pie, which tasted very good. It looked like soup. Then I had mashed potatoes.  Lots of it.  My favorite food. When I was done,went to get shrimp, scallops, and pasta.  It tasted very good.  I also got some diced tomatoes.  Tasty vegetables that are healthy for me.  Papa got some shrimp cocktails and tuna with seaweeds.  It was good so, he went back to get some more.

For desert I had a fruit tart. Actually three since they were so good. It had blueberries and raspberries and cream, and tasted sweet, but not too sweet. I went to the food area three times. The scenery was beautiful and quiet at the hotel.  It was a fancy place and most of the customers are white people.  There was only one table with a few Asians. The hotel was far away from Ong Noi’s place.  It took more than 30 minutes to get there

During the meal, there was an old man, dressed very nicely, walking around playing the violin for people.  He played Christmas songs.  But poor man!  Nobody seems to give him any tips.  Papa gave Ba Noi five dollars to give to the man as he walked by and played at our table.

When we were done, the sky turned dark, and it started to rain. 

I thanked Bac Hai for the brunch. I liked the food such as the chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, and the tarts I am happy to see him, and hope to have another brunch in the future

Bac Hai is supposed to take me to the movie tomorrow.  We plan to eat lunch outside after the movie, and then go to Bac Hai’s house for dinner.  Co hai will be cooking dinner and have invited us over.

Fun Sunday

On Sunday morning, we (Ong Noi, Ba Noi, Papa, and me) went to a Pho restaurant.  The place is located on Beach Boulevard , on the way to Jacksonville beaches.  Papa and I ate the same type of noodles.  Ba Noi and Ong Noi had a different type of Pho noodles.  When we were eating, I told Papa “mmmmmm! This Pho is very good.”  Ba Noi also ordered some bread with meat like Lee’s sandwiches.  Then Ba Noi paid the bill, it cost forty two dollars!

Afterwards, we went to the car wash to wash Ong Noi’s car because it was so dirty.  We put quarters in the machine, which allowed us to preclean, wash with soap, rinse, and even wax the car.  Papa used a nozzle shaped like a machine gun to blow high pressure water at the car.  He removed a lot of dirt from the car, but there were stuff still stuck on the car.  Ong Noi parked the car under the tree.  Papa said that it is good in the summer time, providing shades.  In the winter time, when it rains, stuff from the tree comes down and get stuck on the white paint.  It took use a while to finish the wash.  We put in about six dollars in quarters.

When we were done Papa and I went to Chu Nam ’s house to study.  I studied English, and I did twenty pages. When I was done with my work, I played a video game called Mercenaries.  It was very fun.  It was even more fun, when Chu Nam downloaded cheat codes for the game.  With cheat codes, I become invincible and have infinite ammo!

While I was playing, Chu Nam came home and said “Do you want to take a walk over the bridge.”  I said “Yes!” We walked for over thirty minutes, crossing the blue bridge two times.  It was good exercise!  While I was walking, I saw a guy playing Christmas music with his trumpet.  Papa gave me a dollar to give to him.  When I was walking along, I also saw a guy making different animal shapes out of leaves.  We came home and ate dinner.

I ate rice with sauce, salad, milk, Gatorade, and leftover custard.  All those food were very yummy.  When we were done eating Chu Nam , Papa, and I went to Chu Nam ’s house, Papa was working and Chu Nam and I were playing Mercenaries.

Today I did a lot of things that are fun, and I thanked Ong Noi, Ba Noi, and Papa for taking me out to eat Pho, and I thanked Chu Nam for letting Papa and me go to his house and for the cheat codes.