The Director: Kevin Nguyen

Kevin has been busy writing a script for his 1st movie. The name is “The Unknown land .” It’s about a plane crash in middle of nowhere, 10 survivors find out that they are with other moving things on this strange land.

The movie stars in this movie are all his friends ; Scott plays the old, homeless man ( of all stars , Scott has the perfect role for his face and personality. Now he is walking around the house in tattered clothes . He wants to live in ” character” till the time director Kevin starts shooting ) . They don’t have a Camcorder yet and they don’t like using Mom’s tiny camera that also serves as a Camcorder ; saying it looks very unprofessional .

Kevin is broke , but he always wants the best brand name he can get: This time a Sony Camcorder.

Poor Scott has to wear second handed down clothes from Kevin but Scott doesn’t mind and never once complain since homeless people don’t complain . They don’t want much material stuffs or none at all since they have to drag it around everywhere( very heavy) .All they want is enough money to buy beer. Scott likes giving his friends money even he knows they won’t buy food but beer. He knows they don’t like milk; so if you don’t like milk, the next thing to drink is beer.

Jonathan – Kevin’s best friend plays the unsuccessful hunter since he can’t catch any animals in this movie. Kevin plays the businessman. Wonder what the businessman doing in the lost land ; he’s probably trying to sell off the metal of the airplane since the price of metal is sky – rocking right now. Mom has an old file cabinet which she has been trying to get rid off for years without paying a fee . Last week, she just put it out on the curb; an hour later the poor thing disappeared .

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