Possum Living

( How to live well without a job and with almost no money) by Dolly Freed

   This is the book Scott is reading for school and for his own future if other careers not working out, Scott will live in the jungle . The plan is to live near the river so he can catch fish daily to feed himself.

The author is very experienced herself, she even tells you what to do with the poor fish like making  Fish egg rolls, Fish ball, Fish con-gee. You also need to have a garden nearby to grow vegetable, herbs. She also raises rabbit for food but you have to slaughter the poor thing for food.Scott might just eat fish since he is afraid of blood ( Funny thing that he gets bleeding nose almost daily).

Also  you should know how to build your own hut so you don’t own the bank any money and install wood burner for winter ( using wood from the forest so you don’t have to pay utility bill.)

Ms.Dolly Freed lived this life in 1978 when she was 18 years old.Wonder how Scott will make it in a few more years but now in his spare time , you would find him sitting on the step of the stair weaving a small blanket or some little basket, then store them in a box next to his bed. He has the habit of a homeless (hoarding things and later hiding them under a bridge .)

Lately, he did build a few  model guns by sawing the wood himself then gluing the parts together. It takes hours to complete  the work himself ;but he seems not to mind at all. I never saw this much focus from this little boy. He even spray – painted the huge gun and it looks like a real one.

My twin is amazingly crafty when it comes to doing anything for fun. But when it’s time hitting the table to study, you would find him falling to asleep in a few  minutes.

The summer school started 2 weeks ago. We get the CST test’s result today. I did very good in Math. English is not as good. Mom is sending all of us to a tutor program for English .

  1.     There are a few new teachers this year. Our social study teacher just graduated from Harvard. He must be so smart  having gone to this university plus he’s a very  handsome man with a super nice personality ( He came to introduce himself to Mom ). I notice smart people are also very good looking. Who says God is fair? He is not fair at all !!!!

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