Kelly Nguyen

Only two more weeks of school then we ‘ll be off for the summer. I can’t wait. Everyday going to school is just a fun event _ so relaxing  _   just taking it easy.

  School front is ­ changing except  home front  because  Mom is still working hard at her mission _ Nonstop giving life’s lessons. Poor Mom. Poor us.

  I realize how hard it’s breaking a habit. Every time we do something not too good, Mom would pull out a story right there  that  she knew someone or a  friend who did exactly what we did. That miserable human being would end up in jail, getting a ticket from the cop ( like Scott not wearing seat belt) or going to the hospital with broken limp ( again no seat belt ), you will be flying out of the car if there is an accident. Always very horrible pictures for the unlucky one.

  Most of the time , she doesn’t have to finish the story and I know what the end would be like.

   Sometimes I wish I don’t have a Mom as a poet because her mind is too quick for make-up things.

     I wonder what effect did the Korean drama do to her head but she is not the same anymore since she started watching this form of entertainment.

    You can tell how serious this Korean  thing has become because her friend at the temple even wanting it so badly before going to sleep every night.  Whenever  visiting this special  friend, Mom would smuggle in some  Korean Dvd’s  since the master monk wouldn’t like it too much if he finds out .

  Another friend thinking she would be able to go to Buddha’s place in her afterlife   by renting the Dvd’s out ,  asking another friend making   copy, then donate to an all-  female temple in Gil Roy ( This person used to buy fish from the pet store and release them at the lake which is 1/2 hour driving from home,  but since the  gas price getting high , she quits the fish and goes the Dvd’s route. 

    I feel sorry for those fish that being forgotten now; all because of the Korean drama.
May God bless all Mom’s friends.