Scott Nguyen

    Mom just got 3 Happy Buddhas from China town in San Francisco:  The 1st one with his hands over his mouth ( meaning to control your talking). The 2nd one with hands covering his ears( meaning  not listening to nasty gossip). The 3rd  Buddha covers his eyes ( I don’t know what this mean except he is not supposed to see something.)
   I think we need to set the non – talking Buddha next to Scott’ s bed so he  remembers what he’s supposed to do.  Lately he gets into the habit of shouting very loud presenting his case of every unpleasant situation which going against his way.
  Mom lost her computer inside the house; just couldn’t find the poor thing. Now she has to borrow my laptop since her desk top isn’t hooked up  either. Wonder if there is a ghost that keeps hiding stuffs around here besides Mom _  She would not hide her own computer anyway! This puzzle won’t be solved till we see the laptop again.
  The same thing happened a few months ago. Mom has a Dvd recording machine, then one day the remote control disappeared. She was very frustrating  since she couldn’t make any copy. We searched and searched  the whole house upside down; couldn’t find the thing. Then one day while she was sweeping the floor and saw this remote control under the couch without the  battery .
  What happened was Scott taking the battery out and hid the Remote control under the couch. I can’t believe how dumb he was. ( We keep telling him once you take out the used battery , it won’t be good anyway.)
    Scott is the boy whom would take 10 times making the same mistake until the lesson  sinking in.

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