Kevin June 2011

June 13 th , 2011

   Do you know Scott doesn’t like and won’t eat anything green ( vegetable). He considers it “Grass” and according to scientist Scott  only cows eating grass not human being.  Hope he doesn’t think Kevin and I are cows since we prefer vegetable than meat.

  Summer is really here. We are going on the trip tomorrow . Kevin stays home since he got too many TTR’s ( Time to reflect) during the year when he was trying to be a cool  delinquent to impress his classmates.Surprisingly, Mr.Cool is cooling down a lot ; he’s on Honor Roll this semester . Mom has moved him to family room from the private room and watching  him like a hawk. The minute you take off your eyes, he will be on something else. His favorite activity: Scratching his hair to see how many dandruff – flakes  falling  off his head; then he will be counting them.

Scott  copies Kevin whenever he can like staring  out the window and dreaming like the poet except he’s not producing anything; just wasting time.
  Mom has to put up a prize luring them into the right path. Kevin likes money but if requiring too much effort; he can do without. The best behaving person gets $25.00; whoever does the most pages of Math gets $50.00. Last month, school had a literacy contest: If you read 800 pages, your name will be put into a drawing  to win $50.00 at Barnes and Noble bookstore.
  I might end up winning all prizes at home since the other contestants are too lazy to enter.
 I caught Mom writing poem at Mass , then writing up menu for her up coming party. Pastor John probably is so happy that someone is writing down his sermon. Hope God forgive Mom for her odd action .  Mom says she could listen to the Pastor and writing up menu at the same time.
  June 11st, 2011

The poet is at a funeral now, she went yesterday and again today  saying good bye to her dead friend who was 85 years old. Mom is the only person I know  who likes to come to every  funeral twice since she will never see her friends again.  Mom has either very young people or very old sages as friends; she doesn’t mingle with her own age people claiming the young keeps her young and the old keeps her wise.


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