We’ve been watching TV with the broken screen (1/3 dark) so if there are 2 people, you will see only one. If there is subtle , you ‘ll have to guess the 3rd part of the sentence _ so annoying.

Mom is trying to translate the subtle of Korean drama into English for Scott and me but she has to stop 2/3 of the every sentence since she couldn’t guess what the rest of the sentence is.

Lately we are hooked with the Korean thing also. The plot is very good; you can’t predict what will happen next. Also the reason we watch Korean drama since the English Tv channel is not turned on except weekend.

Now Scott is fluent in Korean. You will hear Mom and him whispering to each other the secret codes of only syllable like “yes, no, what, Mama, Mom , Pop…” only simple thing they can utter. Can you imagine if they can speak in sentences?

They think noone knows but I know except I don’t let them know that I understand what they are talking about . This is one thing I learnt from watching the drama: Don’t let the opponent know what you think in your head. And you should dress to kill. My God, you should see the way these people dress:: so stylish, so expensive . Scott even copies the hair style _ spiky hair will make you look younger and more handsome . Scott doesn’t look handsome but more like an Indian Mohawk to me.

Well, let’s get back to the poor TV. This broken TV drama happenned because one morning Scott woke Kevin up at 6 AM, went downstair to play the X box ; Mom found out and took away the control. He got mad, went upstair and threw the Frisbie across the bedroom and it hit the brand – new Samsung TV’s screen (we just bought this thing a few months ago.) .

Scott is so bad about anger control.I think he should see a mental doctor before it gets out of hand. Last year he broke the window and it costed a few hundred dollars to fix . Wonder what he will break next.

Mom hid his I-pod and completely forgot the location . You should hear his moaning and see his daily tear for about a month. It was so painful for me to witness. He asked Mom to buy him a replacement set but Mom refused since she knows it is somewhere in the house; she just has to find it. Then by accident she found the I-Pod under the cushion of the armchair while she was in the process of trying to hide Kevin’s computer.

Poor Mom!! Maybe she needs to write down the location of where she hides things from now on like the way she writting up slogan for Kevin to train his character. The lastest one goes like this : IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE. This slogan is currently posted in the bathroom because this is where you find Kevin most of the time.

This week we take the CST test. We’ve been training so hard by the boss.Have to do our best before the summer comes. Next month we will go on to our annual Spring trip( only for the good students), then spend 2 weeks in Florida to visit our grandparents. I can’t beleive how fast the time goes. Mom says in a few more years we will go to college and not seeing each other that often anymore. I feel so sad already.

“This is your magical time.” she always says this.

I wish we could play more since it’s our magical time.

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