the Poop Scooper

Poor Scott – the Poop Scooper ! Kevin is tired of this job so he told Mom to give away Coco. Scott _ being the sentimental wants to keep Coco so he has taken over Kevin’s job. Every day after school , as soon as we arrive at the house, Scott puts on gear for the job : google, glove, a bucket with All purpose cleaner, scooper, perfume spray . Then he walks around the house looking for bombs.

There is not much bomb since Mom puts the dogs outside but enough to train Scott into a proper man . I don’t have to do anything since we can’t tell which poop belongs to which dog. At first, Scott complains but he can’t tell the difference so he picks every bomb or peepee spot he sees.

My Kiki has good manner _ she knows where to land her bomb;only on newspaper; just Coco is not very bright _ every night, she has to go and sleep in the garage .


If we go out, we can’t trust Coco either, she will have to go to the garage, and if you happen going to garage _ you have to watch out or you step on bombs.

Now , you see the power of love for Coco from Scott _ he would do anything for the poor dog. Another force that srongly motivates Scott is the power of money. If you ask him to do anything, he would act like deaf but if you repeat the request with money prize, his ears would perk up listening to the prize, then without fail trying to hassle for a few dollars more.

I suspect Scott thinks Coco is too dumb and so helpless that he has to be
her protector .