Oct 25th -2010

It’s my late grandmother’s memorial party tomorrow. Poor Mom has been trying to clean up the house for the last 2 weeks.She has a repaired man coming to retouch the house for good luck. I hope this time we will keep up the tidy house for our “sanity” ( Mom’s words). This disordered condition drives her nut _ I can tell by the tone of her voice.

Oct 28th-2010

I am under so much stress _ so ,so much that I might go crazy. First of all, Kiki is losing weigh for no reason at all. She is skinny like a ghost while Coco is getting fat.Scott says she might get cancer because she looks like cancer patient in treatment. Next she will lose all her beautiful fur.

If she doesn’t gain weigh in the next few weeks, we will need to take her to a doctor to be looked up. This is something I wish to avoid because dog doctor always charging more than regular doctor ( I wonder why), and I will be in so much trouble finding the money to pay for her. I have been praying every night that she will get better by eating more.

I am signing off now _ have to go to bed. I will pray super hard tonight and hope God has been hearing my prayer lately. We missed Mass the last two weeks. Hope he doesn’t get mad because Kevin and Scott didn’t want to go and coming up with all sorts of excuses.

OTC 31-2010

Tonight is Halloween night, I dress up as a candied- corn witch, Kevin and Scott as special-force mercenary. Scott even dresses up for Coco as a tiny soldier by tying a bandanna around the poor dog’s stomach. Coco knows it’s a special night _ once a year event so she doesn’t try to take it off like usual.
What a night! I am so excited. This is my second costume this year. We bought
the same costume a few weeks ago but the size was too big since Mom was hoping it would still fit for the next few years. Anyway, it doesn’t look  good on me,I tried to fix the poor thing but ending up ripping it apart so Mom has to buy me another set . This drives her nut _ such wasteful behavior.

Poor Mom, sometimes trying to save the bucks ends up spending more money.

Oct 20th -2010

Kevin is breaking his voice and growing a mustache these days. Soon, we will need to buy shaving cream for the old man . I can’t believe he still acts like a toddler sometimes.

Mom is very tired of taking care of 2 dogs,the birds, and all the  fish outside.

Scott and Kevin are not doing their share. Soon some creatures will have to go.

Mom is at a funeral now. She has been spending lots of time at funeral parlor for sure: 3 in the last 3 weeks. Today’s funeral is more special because it was her old, special friend who died. Mom likes old people or very young friends like Stella ( the youngest ,11 years old. Stella shocks Mom by the things she says.) Mom likes shock, she doesn’t like normal, civilized talk like we do.

Mom doesn’t mind missing party but she would never miss a funeral . She says it’s the last time to see  friends off. Her best friend would be so ,
so scared of this place, if she really has to go, you will find her sitting at the last row of the parlor and never looks at the deceased  sleeping  in the coffin. But you would find Mom at front row watching every movement of the event.

Mom even has her own epitaph written out: Here lies a poet.

We have to clean up the house for my Grandmother’s memorial next Friday. So much work and so little time.Mom’s  just fixed some new windows, changed front door ‘s lock, move Kevin to a private room so he can focus but it rarely works because Kevin likes to daydream so we have to move him back out into the living room to watch him. Soon I will move into my own room. I can’t wait.

Oct 22nd- 2010

No more birds for us _  Mom let the cage sit outside so the bird could enjoy some fresh-air. The cat must have loved this , knocked down the cage and ate the 2 poor birds. No wonder I don’t like cats _  such vicious animals. They would eat fish in our pond whenever they can, but the fish are becoming very smart – ducking these wild cats .

We are having trouble with Coco _ she is a handful for Mom . And Mom wants to give her away but Scott wants to keep her. From now on, Scott has to pick up her poop whenever she drops the bomb. Coco is not refined like my Kiki.

Oct 18th- 2010

I just glanced through a travel book in Provence area. It has a restaurant that serves 5 hours dinner. Wonder what they eat  that lasts this long ( I would like to come and try this restaurant one day .)  We zip through our dinner less than 1/2 hour, if we get to sit in front of the TV, it will last about one hour. If you let Kevin and Scott sit, it can be up to 3 hours.

Scott picks Trombone for his music instrument in school. This thing is even longer than the boss himself. You wouldn’t believe but when he plays, it sounds like the noise coming out from an angry bull ready attacking you.

Yesterday,Scott put the bell to Kiki ‘s ear and blew. The dog almost went into shock ; she jumped around and barked.

I call this ” dog torturing”.

Per Mom’s friend recommendation, she should bring 4 more birds making 6 birds at our zoo, and put them in 3 separate cages so they can look at each other and sing. Something is  very wrong with her because all of a sudden she develops a big liking for animals. Maybe she will start   writing animal poems from now on  _ No more broken heart..

Scott also starts to write poem, he’s just written a poem about ‘black’. Will look for it and post here.


OCT 15TH-2010

MOM’S friend brought over 2 green parakeets in a little cage. We were hoping for some sweet singing so the poet could produce some romantic poems but all we hear is the angry , shrieking noise from the two of them like a couple being put together under one roof and they can’t stand each other. Such poor birds. Maybe we should buy another cage to split them out.

I named them Ace and Sally. They are neon green with aqua blue polka dots on their neck and back. They are very nice but they eat and poo a lot.
That’s all they do the whole day. You only hear them sing it you put them outside.

Kiki and Coco keep barking at the birds. What is weird is that  only Mom seems to enjoy these new creatures. They aren’t fun to watch because they are SO boring.   Even though they are annoying, I feel sad for them because they don’t have lots of fun like dogs. They don’t get to be petted, don’t get to go anywhere. They just watch the things that pass by their cages in their daily life. ( while I’m writing this, Kiki is sleeping on my lap.)

You would not believe how many animals we have in this house; 2 dogs, 2 parakeets, hundred of fish plus Kevin and Scott. We should open an animal shelter to make some easy money instead of the public speaking class that is in the planning . So far we couldn’t recruit any student at all except Kevinand Scott; Mom thinks my brothers need this skill for job interview in the future because they both don’t know how to talk.

I will be the teacher’s assistant to Ms.Stella – my hyper friend whom impresses Mom so much.’ This girl has big potential.’ Mom said but she didn’t see the way Stella yelled at her Grandma when she didn’t get what she wanted.

My God, comparing me to her, I am an angel.

I told Mom about it. She said just copy Stella’s good point, ignore her weakness because  everyone has weakness.


” If you want ” Life’s change”, you need to make changes to your mind.”

This is what Tom, the minister was preaching about this morning in church.Each of us have 4 million neurons in our  mind that need to be changed so new decision can happen. Whatever you put into your brain, that thing will come out so Tom suggested listening to classical music instead of heavy metal ( Kevin’s and Scott’s favorite brand).

I am not sure how Scott can change if it takes this much effort . God surely expects a lot from human being like us. I am tired of all these lessons Mom trying to squeeze into our life when all I want is a little peace and some quietness to enjoy whatever my childhood is offering to me right now.

Yesterday taking me and Stella out for shopping and roller skating, while driving , she made us do 3 mini speeches in the car  because Stella is a very talker. One of my talk was about “Goal ” in life. I did pretty good so she expects me to write the piece down for the blog.

Mom is a “multiple- task” person _ one thing of a time is not her style. Most of the times, all the tasks have to be redone, so I wonder why  the rush in the first place.


Tom  was telling us in church that lately, his hobby is going to seminar so he can become a better man ( he’s in his 50 right now. I wonder why suddenly he wants to become better man?) or because he just got a young Chinese girlfriend whom attending church with him the last few weeks. This lady must be about 20 years younger than Tom.   Love surely does strange thing to people. Tom dresses nicer because he loses some weigh  and  even preaching better  while in the presence of this lady.

Oct 12nd- 2010

Naming the dog,

First, Scott named his dog “Charm”. I don’t know where he got this name but Mom wanted to call her “Leo”. This sounds like a gangster’s name to me. Who would call a girl dog “Leo” . Well, it’s not Mom’s dog so she can’t name her any way. Now Scott gets another name  “Coco”. This sounds better than Leo or Charm, but this dog doesn’t act like “Charm ” at all but more like a “Leo” to me. If you put her in the box , she would be kicking and screaming, trying to jump off .

After each feeding, Kiki knows it’s time going to her box taking a nap and not  bothering the  boss any more. (Kiki always knows what to do like someone with a direction in life.)

Restless Coco would not stay still, trying to jump out of the box hoping for more food.  Mom ends up sending her to the garage ( her least favorite place. You would hear her crying til exhausted herself to asleep.)

You surely can tell a dog’s character by watching the way she attacks food. Coco just jumps into the food tray like it belongs to her – just  like his master Scott. My KIKI is nice but not dumb. She would growl at COCO and also making her claim on the food tray.

We have to hold one dog off or separate the food.Coco would always hurriedly eat all her food like it was her last meal , then jump to Kiki’s food tray.

I report this odd behavior to Mom and Mom is putting out some lesson for CoCo to learn before her next meal. Mom is the person of action when it comes to behavior correction: right on the spot. There is no waiting time for the next error. It might be too late .

Thanks to these dogs, glancing through Yellow phone book looking for a vaccine place, I find out how much money we could make if we open a dog sitting service in our backyard: We have so much room that  they can roam all they want and we just collect the money. Dog’s sitting is better than babysitting.

In fact, Stella ( my old friend from the old school and I are thinking of opening class at home to  make some money for our outing. Mom is very impressed with  this girl _ Mom thinks Stella has fast wit and fast mouth: If you ask her anything, she will give you the answer right there on the spot. Shyness is not one of Stella’s vocabularies. I think she is kind of hyper . Mom like hyper people claiming they are more intelligent.

Our first class to be held is “Public speaking “. Mom will  enroll Scott and Kevin as the first students. Each will have to pay $50.00. If we can pull this 1st class off, then there will be Art class being taught by me; then “Fashion class” will be held by Megan.

The class will meet once a week at our house ( maybe I can charge them rent if we have students). For the next two weeks, we have to clean up the house for the classroom meet, and for the memorial party of our late Grandmother. Oct is surely is busy month for me.

Scott is not doing well in school so Mom is taking him off the computer game, and also TV  til his grade inproved. He is slow in everyhting except arguing with me and Kevin .  He beats both us us in this art because he has a very big mouth.If he can’t win, he will throw something ,not at you but near by you just scaring you off. Last night he made a dent at the new bedroom door by throwing a toy gun at it.

A few months ago, he broke one of the glass window up stair .

Maybe Mom doesn’t need to enroll him to Stella’s Public Speaking class but to send Scott to therapy for violent tendency.He enrolls in “yoga” class in school to relieve stress, but it doesn’t seem to help at all.

You would not believe the stress from this school: not only you need to work hard but your daily behavior has to be top notch so you can go to school trip at year end. Mom puts on Mr.Anthony Robin’s tape for us to listen to while driving . This week’s topic is setting up “Goal”. Kevin tends to fall asleep as soon as the tape is on, Scott just tries to block the sound out.

Mom tries to make us saying the prayer at dinner time by telling God what our goals are: Kevin will try his best to write more clearly so people can read his writing besides himself. Scott will try to work faster.For me, I need to stop nagging when I want something. Mom says I wear people down.

Oct 3rd, 2010

Going to bed i think of Kiki. Waking up , my first thought is about her. She is my total obsession these days.
It is good  having Coco as a friend for Kiki , otherwise she would be so lonely without anyone playing with.

Here is the story how we got Coco by accident:
Dad’s cousin called Mom one day to ask if she could buy her a dog after seeing KIKI at the house.

This cousin is not married and still lives with her Mom and her brother’s family. Well, Mom is always a fast action hero when someone asking her to do something. We happened going to the flea market the next day; on the way out ,there were 2 little girls with their Dad  selling 2 Chihuahua but not tea cuplike KIKI. So Mom bought one on the spot .

Later, the cousin called saying the sister in law is not happy about another dog because they do have an old and very sick dog at home so we end up keepingthis new dog for Kevin and Scott .

I feel sorry for the cousin.She would be so happy to have this dog as her company. Mom really believes Chihuahua can cure loneliness .

The maintenance is also very simple: Just buy some premium dog food or share your food with her if you really want to spoil your dog. House dog is smarter than yard dog I notice. Ours are even smarter than Scott.

Mom keeps saying how lucky we are: whatever we want we get.We should be grateful to God. Now, we start saying grace at the table before meal, usually tothank God for the food  and the love we get from our family and especially our dogs.

I still can’t believe how much love these dogs bring to my heart . Sometimes,while sitting in class room I think about Kiki _ what she is doing at that moment and I just want to cry. I miss her so much.

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