Monday 09- 06-2010

It’s Labor Day. We have a very long weekend. I’ve just made KIKI a miniskirt and a dress. She is not used to being dressed after being naked since birth, so we have to train her wearing clothes from now on.            This dog only likes to eat yummy food _ no dog food for her I notice..She likes whatever I like


I went to YMCA for the Lego Robotic tonight to see if I want to enroll with Kevin and Scott. The first ten minutes the teacher gave an orientation what they would do next. There were around 12 boys, no girls except me. There was no discipline in this class at all : one kid kept sliding back and forth on the floor like having his own gymnastic session. Some other kids were talking while the teacher , Peter was explaining his stuff – such a total zoo to me..

Later Peter said he was 15% deaf so we need to speak up if we want to talk to him .Maybe this is why he could not hear all other noises going on besides his own voice.   Peter was deaf, but he must have seen the aerobic – super boy exercising full speed in front of everyone.

Coming to pick us up ,  Mom brought KIKI . There were few people and kids flocked around KIKI admiring her. Everywhere I bring KIKI, she draws a crowd. Scott should have his own dog so he could have some attention.        I am going to a dog’s party with Christine tomorrow.Scott also wants to come but only dog’s owner is invited . The owner has the first birthday’s party for her dog. I can’t wait.We will bake home – made dogie  treat for our dogs  to take  to the party  .

Scott is kind of sad that I don’t mention his name too much in this blog any more _ KIKI is taking over.I can’t forgive him for all those times he was screaming and kicking that we used his name in vain  and even demanded payment.

Mom is right that there is a time for everything. Scott’s moment is over and done with. I feel sorry for him. There won’t be any news about Scott from now on besides he ‘s becoming an old man with not much going on. He is taking Yoga class  from school, blaming there is too much stress for him to bear.

KIKI is so nice – just quiet all the times; so happy if we pick her up and play with her. She only pees on the newspaper now. But she is a gourmet eater : she only eats the best  meat, not left over, not dog food and she doesn’t even like hot dog, only  drinks  regular milk – no low fat. She wants to be tall like Kevin if she drinks lot of milk. She eats very little not like Golda or Nicky – they gobbled whatever they could.


The poet got another ticket for not yielding when making the left turn plus she didn’t carry the insurance card.  The police man didn’t give her any slack this time and Mom will go to the judge telling him that she did look before she made the turn and the policeman was discriminating against her.  It has been such a long time since Mom got a ticket.  Maybe it’s about time so she can drive more defensively. I wonder if her age or she is always thinking about words for the next poem but Mom is surely distracted.

Sometimes she is giving us a monologue in the car about  better behavior ,and if by chance we see a policeman’s car circling around and notify her of this fact. Mom will stop talking right away and pay respect to Mr.Police right away.     Mom respects no-one except policeman.

The city must be running out of fund because most of Mom’s friends got tickets. This makes her not feeling too bad. Everywhere you go, you see police cars all over the places; especially  behind the bushes. They will find a spot to hide and come out to get you.

We have to buy a car seat for KIKI ( it’s the law in California ) even dogs need to be safe while driving. She’s too small so I put her in a doggy bag then tie the bag to the seat belt.

Sept 1st-2010

Christine, my cousin is taking lots, lots of pictures of me, KIKI, and other family members. She is making an album for us. Ever since getting KIKI, lots of nice  things happen around this house.

From now on I can make fun of KIKI instead of Scott. Except she is not silly like Scott; she is just plain beautiful and smart. So it’s hard making fun of her because she is quiet all the times and never making me upset at all..

Her birthday will be in the same month like mine so we will celebrate our birthday together. Winter is coming soon so I will be knitting her a few sweaters to keep her warm . This dog doesn’t have furry hair so she gets cold all the times and shakes like crazy.

She has been so good  _ sleeping by herself in the bin every night _ no more whining like when we first got her home.

I am going to get a hair cut today after school. I will make it short like Mom’s hair to make me look a few years younger. I don’t wish 10 years younger because I would be one year old then. I just want to look 8 years old instead of 11 right now. Mom always wants  20 years younger. She stops changing hair style since the one she got now looking the best ( from compliment she gets).

When she doesn’t hear nice comment, she will change hair style again. Mom says she is not vain, she just wants to look presentable to society.

We are back to school now _ waking at 6.15 every morning, getting dressed and be at school by 7.00am. I can’t wait for summer again. I would like to go to France next year if I do really good in school this year. I am so lucky to travel every summer. Most of my friends just stay around here.

Now I have a taste of going to exotic places _ no more Florida. Maybe I am spoiled like KIKI.

She only eats the meat we eat _ no dog food for this dog. I don’t blame her –  the dog food is not as tasty as Mom’s cooking.   Mom is such a good cook _ she should have her own cooking show like “Van can cook” . She can whip up a main dish in less than 5 minutes and it tastes really, really good.

Mom has  talent but she doesn’t focus _ she wanders into different fields according to her mood on each day. We have signs around the  house with words like : FOCUS. GOAL. …

I think  that is for Mom and Scott, the dreamer pair . Sometimes, I think they are really twin instead of Scott and I.

KIKI acts better than Scott _ she knows where to pee and  not whining after she gets a full stomach of food.

Scott still spills milk at least once a week. The most annoying habit is he talks in ducky voice when he wants attention.

Sunday 09-05-2010

I took KIKI to Bible lesson this morning with the three of us. She lay snugly in the purse( her most favorite place on earth)   closing her eyes and listened to  Mr.Dan’s telling how God made this earth. I thought she was listening because the story was great ( Scott listened while leaving his mouth open at the same time.) Suddenly, you heard a snoring ,not very loud but it was coming from KIKI for sure.     I had to wake her up before the teacher caught what she did and got upset. I would not very pleased while giving a speech ,then hearing some snoring .

After the lesson, we took her into the chapel to attend service. At least the priest here welcomes KIKI; she sat quietly and worshiped God. I am so proud of KIKI.     Every store we brought KIKI in, they told us ” Dog is not allowed in here.” ; so we don’t drag her around except Sunday’s mass. Scott says this dog will go to heaven and pulling Scott along.