So……. I finally got my teacup chihuahua today. She is 7 weeks old,   weighs 9 ounces .  I wish I had some more money to buy a Chanel bag to carry her around. But I am completely broke –  broke to the bone – because I had to pay $200.00 for Kiki – the Princess.   Kiki happens to have the cutest dark blue eyes , the whitest, thin, soft, velvety fur. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog

She was expensive, so expensive comparing to Chili or Nikki, our previous dogs  but she’s worth every penny of it. The whole family loves her .  Kiki loves me the most. I am her master – it’s true. Now I can do what I planned to do with the doggy! We will have so much fun together! She looks exactly like me (cute and smart). She is very picky, just like ME!!!!!!!

We will have to bring her to “Pamper Puppy” to have her nails trimmed. I want to buy her some clothes today from Target, but nothing fits her because she’s too tiny. I will train her starting tomorrow, so she won’t pee or poo around the house (I will be in so much trouble if she does this!).

The dog needs to have discipline to stay inside the house.

Aug 22nd , 2010

Kiki was crying last night, whimpering all night long. Scott couldn’t sleep so he did the same thing like the dog. Kiki was probably missing her parents and her siblings (she got 6 more siblings waiting to be sold off). I felt really sad for her – being separated from her loved ones.  But the dog’s owner is in business himself, so he will sell off every one of them. I hope Kiki’s siblings will find nice owners who love them.

Aug 23rd, 2010

The dog is really a whimper – that is all she did last night; and she would not stop til we picked her up and hold her . Mom couldn’t sleep at all and was afraid that the neighbor will come to complain so she had to put Kiki in her basket and put the basket on the bed next to her. Then she stopped whining (Kiki likes to feel that someone loves her).

I wonder how a dog can just be just so spoiled after 2 days in our family.

Eversince we got KIKI, I stop whining myself   –    too busy taking care of the poor dog.

Kevin and Scott changes mind about wanting a dog because they see how much work they will have to do . Besides, they can barely take care of themselves. It’s good there is no 2nd dog in this house or KIKI will be crushed to death.

Aug 24th, 2010

Kiki is wild. Last night, only her 4th day in the house, she climbed out of her box and got onto Kevin’s blanket trying to snore with Kevin. Mom caught her, put the poor dog back in the box.  She wasn’t too happy- yelling all night long demanded to be next to a human being.

We start school today. Mom plans to train the princess by putting her in the box all day – let she yell til I come home.  I think she is spoiled when there are people around.  She just wants to be picked up and played with.

We took her outside in the backyard; Kiki was hopping along, tumbling down here and there. Such a cute creature. I ‘ve never loved any dog the way I love this dog. Such precious animal.  I want to name her “Precious”, but it’s such a long name that she might not understand when being called.

Scott thinks Kiki should have our family ‘s name: KIKI Nguyen.  From now on, Scott will write her down as family member (Scott’s sister, 7 weeks old and a spoiled – brat like him).

Mom hopes this dog will teach us something, especially  Scott:  Not being afraid of ghosts. Last week, Mom tried out the “Peking Duck” specialty : After seasoning the bird, you are supposed to hang the creature up for 24 hours so that the skin will get loose from the meat.

The poor duck was hung per instructions by a hook connecting from kitchen’s ceiling . Scott came down for water in the middle of the night.  All of a sudden, we heard Scott’s screaming from downstairs.  He ran up the stairs, looking white like a  himself because he thought he saw something hanging down and not too good looking.

He was crying and crying because there was  really a ghost in the kitchen this time!   Poor Scott! He has dreams of being a soldier – a Ranger like one of his Boy Scout patrol leaders . ( Kevin and Scott like to dress in Army clothes while sitting doing homeword). I wonder how he can walk in the jungle looking for enemies when he is easily scared like that.

Well , so much about the dog and my two brothers’ life.  Have to sign off now to do my homework.