being refined

Scott needs to learn to be refined – more refined I mean.  When eating, he should not drop food all over himself and around the table like a toddler.  When he drinks milk, he would spill it here and there, and everywhere.  And the worst thing about his eating manners is when he burps!  Only babies burp after a full drink of milk, but Scott burps after every meal.  It’s so stinky that I prefer being next to a stink bomb.

Mom says in my last life I must have owed him so much money that in this life I have to be his twin to pay back the debt.  I would rather pay him money instead of paying time like this.

We are good students so we get to go on the spring trip to Los Angeles to visit the colleges like Kevin did last year in order to get to know potential universities to attend in the future.  I hope that Mom and Dad still have money to send us to college because it does cost a lot from the newspaper I read.  It says some kid owes two hundred something thousands after he finished college at some Ivy school, and he still did not get any job.

No one has any job now.  There is still a lot of laid-off people from the daily newspaper that I scan. It’s very depressing.  I am kind of worried.  Scott wants to go to the army and become a Ranger, so he is not worried.  Kevin doesn’t care because the future is so far off.  He just wants to play on computer.

I am taking up painting.  I am drawing La Tour Eiffel and the French people in their designing clothes.  I am making a presentation in school about France, its culture and its yummy pastries.  They have so much class – I mean very refined people:  We should have sit down dinners more often instead of eating in front of the TV.  And I am sure they don’t have citizens like Scott over there.  My dream is Mom will take me to France some summer so I can have coffee in the morning by sitting by a sidewalk watching people going by.

We could sit by the cafe’s sidewalk from breakfast til lunch time like the French people do; they work less than 40 hours a week ( I’m informed.) Then they have lunch, then a siesta til 2 p.m like what we always did when we were in kindergarten. How heavenly! By the time we woke up , the day was almost over so we just had play time or the teachers would read to us since no kids wanted to do any spelling or tracing.
How I wish I could be back in kindergarten ( no homework, no stress, just play time, and eating snack. )

About my French fixation, Mom says we can drive up to the Los Gatos neighborhood, sit outside at some coffee shop, and just imagine that we are in France.  Voila!  My Mom has a rich imagination that is why she can produce poems after poems – nonstop.  I always want the real things happen – no imagination for me. I am willing to wait til my dream come true.
Now I am waiting for the Central Europe tour which will happen in July. This is my first overseas trip. I can’t wait.