Scott likes the pretty girls from the Korean dramas.

“An eye for an eye will make everyone blind” (I understand this metaphor) but not this one “A fate will avoid an eager heart.” I learned the eye thing from the Korean drama “Phoenix”, which we were watching. My kindergarten teacher is also a faithful Korean drama watcher. She said we can learn a lot by watching these masterpieces.

She even makes her husband watching it with her every Friday ‘s and Saturday’s night after dinner ( she told Mom this.) I think they are still married to each other because this Korean thing keeping them together. They even try to get their 2 boys to be interested, but they say ” No Thanks”.

Mom does a better job of convincing because Scott Nguyen is really, really interested in this kind of drama. The actors cry so much. Mom likes the sad ones. Scott notices most the Korean male actors get dimples on their face. Mom thinks they look very cute when smiling.

Mom is speaking Korean these days, only a few words she knows like “A la so” means “fine”.
“He bo Gee” means “Let’s talk.” Mom can’t make a full sentence yet, but she is learning hard like “How are you?”.

She even goes to Korean supermarkets these days to buy grocery and eavedrops the shoppers when they talk ; but I don’t think she can make head or tail what they are talking about. She wants to take lessons but there is no Korean school so she has to self- learn by watching the drama with the subtitle on . When Mom wants something, she will go to the end of the world to get it.

Mom doesn’t want the English accent any more. She thinks and talks Korean these days, to herself only because no one around here speaking the language.

Mom hopes that by luring us into Korean culture we can be calmed down and talk sweetly with a lovely voice the way these actors do. This is also the hope for the whole family – no more yelling especially Scott. In fact Korean people whisper. They don’t talk.

Scott does this best (yelling, I mean) – he seems to have the talent of screaming in very loud voice when things not going his way.

Mom feels guilty if she watches too many movies, and not learning a thing. Surely Korean movies teach a lot: how to dress nicely, no sweat pant around the house. Bow, bow, and bow to everyone even your dog. Before hitting your enemy, bow to him first, and tell him you are going to hit him so he prepares to hit you back ( Mom points out how polite these fighters are.)

Dad is the only one not watching so he doesn’t change a thing. Kevin likes the old, traditional Korean drama in which soldiers fly through thick bamboo jungle to fight against each other. The good one doesn’t die til the end. Scott, Mom and I like the new style Korean in which the actors and actresses dress up nicely. As a result, Mom’s dress code has improved greatly recently. She wears clothes of the young girls. No more black.

She just got a new hair style last Friday so she can look 20 years younger. I think she prefers 40 years younger but 20 will do.


Autobiography Poem

Kevin Nguyen
Brother Scott and Kelly
Son of Van and Luu
Who loves to play games, friends, reading
Who feels happy when being on computer with friends
Who needs luck, toys, games
Who shares toys, games, and food
Who fears bad people, robbers, and monsters
Who dreams of being rich.

By Kevin Nguyen in 2nd grade

mother’s day


One day Mom sent a poem to my Dad asking him to review it.    When the poem came back: Dad would put the translation like this,  “… that someone passed through “the  Market stall” and along the street with many people.”  Kevin was laughing because he thinks the correction wasn’t poetic at all, and that it sounded like Scott was writing his essay and having a hard time concentrating.

Now let’s hear Kevin “the official poetry editor”  about how he does his job:    Mom asked him to fix this sentence: “thousands of beautiful images”. Kevin says it should be:   ” So ,so many beautiful images.”

We asked Scott how he would fix the sentence, Scott says it should be:   ” thousands of hideous images”.    I think Scott will never be a good poetry fixer.    I try to think if I can come up with something better than what Mom wrote, but I can’ think of anything.

Mom is getting very good at this business  –   how she can use the English language with the Vietnamese at the same time. I notice her poems are very  short.    Mom doesn’t like any thing  long _  even the way she speaks : very precise and to the point. She showed me works from other  poets. They really write long and long poems.    If she sees a long poem of someone she admires, she would chop it down and uses what she likes.

We just find out a good place for Kevin and Scott to buy their toys.    It’s the flea market.    Mom can buy fresh fruits there too. The last time we went, she ended up buying 10 lbs of grapes, 20 lbs of oranges, and 10 lbs of avocado.    We have to let the dogs eat some of the fruits with us because there was so much.

Mom really has a lot more issues to control than I do:    clutter, food, shoes.  The freezer is still stuffed with food  – even more food than before, and Mom keeps saying she is not buying anything .  I wonder where they come from anyway.

Last night, I fell off the bed.   Maybe God was not happy about something I did. We have been missing a few Sunday Mass:
” Dear  God, please forgive us for not being able to see you on a regular basis. We have to try better.”