Kevin complained of the stomach ache tonight, so I did a survey on his health problem to find out what caused the distress. Here is the full report .

Name: Kevin Nguyen Age: 11 years old.

Symptom: Complained of stomach ache since 6 p.m. today.

Temperature: Normal (I felt his forehead).

Finger test: Nails look normal.

Right eye: Bad

Left eye: Very bad. Recommend patient going to see an optometrist ASAP.

Right ear: Lots of ear wax.

Left ear: Some ear wax but not as bad as the right one.

Mouth: A few cavities.

Patient’s favorite foods: Big Mac, Whooper, Orange Chicken, Chow Mein, Cheese Burger, Ice Cream, Jr. West Bacon Cheese Burger.

Patient’s favorite drinks: Coke, Capri Sun, juice, and milk

Other problems noticed while observing the patient: Slight obesity!

Conclusion: I think the patient developed a full size stomach ache because he ate 2 servings of Orange Chicken with his brother Scott. The patient was recommended to be on diet from now on – no more cheesy burgers with bacon or Coke.

Just like the saga I reported earlier, today it is happening  again.  Scott broke the $100.00 bill he got for Xmas present from Dad by going to Target to buy a set of Lego.  While in the good mood of spending and showing off, he wanted  to go to Panda Express to treat Kevin for a meal of noodles with Orange Chicken (Scott’s favorite Chinese Food, and he wouldn’t pay unless you order Orange Chicken.)

Well, my name wasn’t mentioned in the treat but I tagged along since Mom was driving all of us around.  She went to the phone store to check on a new phone for Dad while Scott led the way to the Chinese restaurant.

Inside, Scott couldn’t evade me any longer so he asked what I wanted.  I assumed he wanted to treat me also.  I ordered a bowl of fried rice and Orange Chicken  even though I preferred to eat Pork with mushroom.  Scott paid for all of us like a gentleman. I even said “thank you” to him three times.  After the meal, we went to Cold Stone next door to have a very nice ice-cream desert also being treated royally by the man named “Scott”. (Kevin saw the sign “Sale” $1.00 per  scoop so  Scott  wouldn’t think too much to part with his money.)

Then tonight at half past nine  (I glanced at the clock when the second part of the drama unfolded), Scott was tearing up and asked for the $5.80 he paid for me in the Chinese restaurant.  He cried and cried.  He said I made a nagging face and he had to buy it for me.  I told him I don’t owe him any money because he decided to pay  for me.

Well, his crying got so bad that Mom offered to pay him the $5.80 he claimed I owed, she gave him $6.00.  You wouldn’t believe this but Scott went through his wallet looking for the 20cent change to give back to Mom while wiping the tears off his face.

I think Scott should be sent to therapy before this kind of trouble gets out of control:  He keeps switching his behavior back and forth between a toddler to that of a spoiled brat.

Each of us got $100.00 for Xmas  and we were supposed to spend it while vacationing in Las Vegas.  I brought along my money and paid for everything that I bought.  Scott and Kevin were smarter than me:  They hid the money at home, so Dad ended up paying for all the shooting lesson, games at Circus Circus ,and all their spending at various  shops.  They really went on the spending spree:  “Let’s do this, do  that….”.The list went on and on  with what both of them wanted to do because they were not the ones to pay.

It’s not fair:  I am very broke because I’m an honest person, and kept my promise and  my words.