We went this weekend to a new church because the old one got such a big band that they played more music than preaching. Scott and Kevin have not been paying attention at all once in church; they didn’t like the music somehow. Kevin typically just ducked under the seat and went to sleep most of the time.

So Mom thought it’s time to find another church with more sermon time and a better speaker to keep Kevin awake. We found this one. It’s smaller but seems perfect for us because they only have a one man-band. The musician is also the minister. He plays the organ at the beginning, preaches a little after the pastor, and then plays the organ again. He also happens to be a very good speaker.

For today’s sermon, he talks about manner, respecting everyone. He mentions about “Monster Fries” after seeing two women almost getting into a fight at a shopping mall arguing over the fries; but he respected them, and said nothing. I wonder what a man can do when two women are getting ready for a fight. He went to In & Out Burger instead to have the Monster Fries – this special food is Scott’s favorite food, and may be that’s why Scott thinks he’s a very good speaker.

The whole time I saw Scott open his eyes wide, mouth open, and focusing hard to listen. Also, he can’t cause any trouble because we sit in the fist row of this tiny church. You can’t do much here except setting a good example because everyone else is sitting behind and watching you.

I have to give Mom credit for the way she rotates us through Life. If we get bored with something or don’t like, she will adjust the situation by changing to something else, making it more fun – like finding this church after 3 temples and 2 other churches we had gone through just to keep Kevin awake. Nothing fits until this one.

I see some of my friends having to go to the same church years in and out, and they get so bored because they are being dragged to come. Mom says she doesn’t want to drag us to church, that we should feel inspired to come every Sunday to worship God and to learn something about manner, about loving and sharing, and that each child should have a strong faith in God so he can behave better in life.

One of Mom’s friends can’t figure out about Mom’s way of religion and that she keeps switching temples. But Mom says God is God and he’s everywhere, not just in one place or one temple. Also we need to find a place with a God who can calm down both Kevin and Scott at sermon time. So here is the place with front row seating. Amen.