While mourning the untimely death of Michael Jackson, Mom found a new singer to admire:  Ms. Jennifer Hudson.  So we went to get her records. She surely has a strong and beautiful voice.  I wish I had a voice like that.  Maybe I would just spend time coaching my  voice instead of going to school like now.

Well, Ms. Hudson’s already  been talking about how she wants her son to get an education (number one on the priority list per People Magazine ‘s article). Her little boy is barely one  month old (born on Aug 10th, 2009!).  Maybe education will make you rich like Bill Gates (he and his wife also talk about education a lot on People magazine.)












I happen to  like People magazine ( full of gossips about big movie stars plus it tells you about rating for new movies . I won’t see a movie unless it has 3 stars or above for rating.

Lately,  Scott has nightmares that he misses his homework. Sometimes  after being in bed for a while, he makes Mom getting up  going  downstairs with him so he can recheck the work, making sure that the mouse hasn’t eaten it up.  It drives Mom crazy because Scott can’t even walk downstairs by himself, and Mom doesn’t like getting out of the bed once she lands there (Too old to get up!)

Yesterday we went to see the barber for a hair cut;  Scott refused to come in because someone there said something about his lopsided head  the last time he was there( Scott is the boy who  never forgives  whoever  bad-mouths about him.)

”They made fun of me.”  He announced, so he laid down in the car to wait;   Kevin went in to get the job done;  came out looking like a young monk  : No more hair, almost bald. But  surely he  looked younger than with lots of hair. This morning getting up  for school, seeing  Scott’s hair situation I almost fainted:   looked like some birds came  making a nest  on Scott’s head  but doing a poor  job and left .

We had the swim test on Monday.  Kevin made it to Super Swim Level.  Scott and I stayed back for another session.  I love to swim very much so I don’t mind whatever  level  I am in.


Sept 10th, 2009


It has been two weeks since we attended the new school.  So much homework, so much discipline that Scott is going crazy.  He has stress you would not believe;  he always looks like there ‘s a green ghost  chasing him around the house: no more  energy left to cause any more trouble.  Kevin isn’t doing any better either.  His face is starting to show pimples!  He doesn’t look handsome anymore.  Mom will take him to consult  our aunt (the Dermatologist in town).



In the mean time, I look up the book we got “1,001 Home Health Remedy”, which Mom has on the shelf to help Kevin get rid of these pimples.  He should follow these tips:

– Wash your face with soap and water once or twice a day.

– Clean skin gently and don’t pick at  pimple.  Kevin likes to play with his face.  He picked the eye lash from the left eye.  Now he got no lashes left and waiting for it to grow back.  One surely looks funny with no eyelash.  Sometimes he looks like one of those guys from “ Star Trek” movie without the pointed ears.




This health tip book is really good.  Scott always has hiccups.  The book says massaging your ear lobe will cure it!  Scott tried it once and he doesn’t  have any more hiccups.

Yesterday, at the swimming lesson, Scott donned one goggle on the right eye to swim.  I looked around the pool to see if there was any other one – eyed goggled kid like him, but there was none.  So I will call him “one-eyed swimmer” from now on.



Talking about eyes, I‘ll say that I have very poor eyes ( I wore glass since I was 2 years old) but I have very pretty handwriting.  My two brothers have good eye sight but very bad handwriting.  God is fair: he gives you something, then takes away something else.  The homeless doesn’t have a house, but he doesn’t have to work very hard either;  just cruise along for fun.



Jacksonville, Florida

July 5th, 2009

This never happened before and it’s happening now. I wrote a piece about my brothers’ fighting over the fishing rod. I fixed the writing about 10 times so that it could be perfect. At the last minute I tried to save it, but pushed the wrong button and erased it completely. So here I am at it again, and hoping that I can make it as funny as the last one.



Kevin and Scott have been fighting about who would hold the fishing rod at the boat dock. Then they decided each would hold the rod for 15 minutes, and that I would be the one to check when it’s time to switch.


After the rod situation, then they started blaming each other – who did what wrong because there was no fish coming to taste the bait. Scott threw the line 3 times, and at the third try, the hook got caught under the beam of the dock so I had to run inside to get Papa out to cut the line. Then we found out there was no float hooked to the line, so the hook and bait kept sinking down. We lost the bait because the fishes had a good time feasting on the bait under water, and we didn’t know when to pull it up.


After one hour of arguing, we had to come inside. Dad and I went to the store to buy some float and more plastic baits. In the meantime, the two fishermen went swimming in the pool waiting for the line to be ready again. Dad came back, Kevin and Scott wasted no time trying to grab and hold the dear rod again when I brought it out to the dock.


About half an hour later, Kevin got a crab. He got so excited, jumping up and down, while Scott was croaking again in his usual tone. The crab was about 4 inches wide. We put the poor thing in a bucket with water from the river. I kept watching it so it won’t climb out and run back into the water. It was quite a moment of victory for all of us after the whole long day sitting at the dock arguing and blaming each other( I found out when people get bored, they tend to be less peaceful like Kevin and Scott).


It turned quite windy in the late afternoon.Then it was Scott’s turn; he sat and sat. Nothing nibbled under his command. After two more turns at the rod, Scott gave it back to Kevin. He went inside. Patience is not a friend to Scott. I am also tired so I carried the bucket inside to show to our Grandparents. GrandMa boiled the poor thing so Grandpa could eat, but he didn’t want to. Scott looked worried and very sad – the poor crab had suffered so much. Seeing all his ten legs curling upward in a stand still position, I felt sad too; we should have thrown it back to into the river after catching it. But it was too late now, so I decided to taste the poor thing. It tasted quite delicious!


Tonight, I would say a prayer for the little crab so he can go straight to heaven.