Bound for life


“We have no complaint.” Frank Marrujo, who was with twin, Joe, celebrated their 90th birthday together. I’m not sure if I want to live till 90 and being around Scott. He’s so annoying. We got this twin story from the San Jose Mercury News. Mom made us read it, compare their life to ours, then write an essay. Mom just invents this new sport that she will pick any story from whatever she is reading, makes us read and write about it.

Last Saturday, Mom and I went to a wedding in Napa Valley (the wine country). Mom’s best friend got married (the second time). Most of Mom’s friends got divorced (in fact, all Mom’s friends got divorced) so most of them got married again whenever they have a chance; a few even went for the 3rd time; but they feel embarrassed so they usually hold the 3rd wedding secret in case it does not work out (only a few close friends are invited.) I guess if you do a 3rd time, you might also do a 4th or a 5th , so it’s kind of embarrassing to invite a whole lot of people.

Mom gets to be invited to secret wedding because she can keep a secret. She will bring me along to witness the event. They usually have it in some quiet place, not at some Vietnamese hall where lots of people walk by. The bride doesn’t wear flashing clothes or changes several times like a normal bride would do, just some simple things. People are so quiet; they only whisper to each other. Mom doesn’t even crack jokes; she keeps herself serious also.

Scott still doesn’t get over the fact how someone can get married 3 times. Kevin says anything is possible these days if you are not careful in picking your mate. My best friend lives with her single Mom. Mom asked why she didn’t remarry. She said once was enough to make her stay away from men. I think you have to be brave to go for the second. Going for the 3rd, you are super brave.

Well, let’s come back to the Napa Valley‘s huge wedding. It was grand with a lavish feast: Yummy fingered foods, all you can drink wine and liquor, then sit down dinner. I noticed Mom drank and talked like it was her own wedding. I kept watching her, but Mom is non – stop once she found her spot. She is quite a good drinker too, never getting drunk.

The more she drinks, the merrier she gets, and people around her laugh even more. Mom could be a comedian if she doesn’t have the accent. All her friends get this strange accent that when they speak English ; they understand one another perfectly. Lately, Mom has been trying to acquire the English accent since she befriended with a Vietnamese who married to a New Zealander. She would say: “Will you ring me later?”

Well, let’s get back to the wedding: You see flowers everywhere. The bride loves flowers (Mom says the bride used to own a flower shop but it went broke because the business was slow. In fact, most Mom’s friends had business and went broke because they are very free- spirited people. They don’t like to work for anyone or listen to anybody.)

It was almost 4 p.m when dinner started: white table cloths displayed tastefully with expensive china. Each person got 3 different gobbles for wine. The couple had two dogs, and the dogs also got to wear a floral wreath around their necks. They even posed for the photographer. I had never seen dogs at wedding; the two dogs darted in and out the wedding party. Maybe they also got married.

The wedding took up almost the whole day. I had so much to eat . We left around 7 p.m. It was still day- light. The drive took us almost 2 hours back home; we were exhausted.


THE ART OF THANK YOU (Crafting note of Gratitude)

We are supposed to read this book so we can write “Thank you “ notes when we receive presents. Mom makes each of us write a sample ”Thank you.” You should see what Scott‘s thank you note looks like. He drafts a Thank you note to our uncle who sends him $20.00( for real) for buying a toy gun he was dreaming about. In the end, Scott puts a P.S saying he has set up a wish list of what he wants, and how much each costs because the $20.00 Uncle sent was not enough to buy the kind of gun he has in mind! It costs around $35.00 plus tax.

Lately Scott learns how not to squander money. He only buys small and cheap toy guns. He will save money and restrain himself from spending until he can get the perfect toy gun. Now the wish list is the next best thing for him.

Kevin thinks Scott is greedy and that there won’t be any gift coming from his wish list. Scott thinks if you stick to your gun, you will get something in the end. I don’t know what to think, but if you see this wish list, you would try NOT to buy him anything because it’s long and very expensive. The cheapest item is $25.00. Scott is the man who always spends what he doesn’t have per Mom’s evaluation of Scott’s behavior.

Kevin’s thank you note is short, punctual, and boring because it takes him less than 1 minute to compose. I haven’t written mine yet because I am busy writing all this up before I forget all the juicy details coming out from this event. Besides I don’t like to write “Sample”; what I write coming from real life . I write “Thank you Note” for Kevin and Scott all the times while they are busy playing with their toy guns.