We went to the Disney World Studios today.  We started out very early since we didn’t want to stand in long lines at the rides under the hot sun We went on different rides. The one I liked most was about cars, how they make moviesand how they create car chase scenes with stunt men and they used various tricks to make things look exciting on the screen. It is kind of sad after that I saw all those tricks . Now watching movies with car chase scenes won’t be that exciting any more. Maybe I need to erase what I saw so my movie watching is still a great sport for me to enjoy.

After a few hours in the park, then it was time to go the big, scary ride: the roller coaster monster ride. Scott was so scared and kept talking that we should not go into that ride (while he did the talking, I saw he turned green; then I knew that cat was really, really scared).  I felt sorry for him. I am glad that I don’t feel the same way like Scott most of the times.

Well, Mom agreed to stay with him while everyone rode this monster. I think Mom is scared too but she didn’t want to admit it . The weather wasn’t very nice; it rained here and there, drizzling the whole afternoon. Coming off the ride,  you see the two cats:  Mom and Scott; one old, one young; standing by the tree waiting for us. It was quite a scene .  Scott was relieved seeing us again.

Next ride was the Hollywood Hotel scary drop ride (you ride in elevator up to the top of the building, then the elevator pretends to break hurling you down to the ground floor but on the way, it stops here and there , bouncing up and down like a crazy car a number of times to scare you before the final descend. Everybody yelled loud. Scott didn’t want to go either; now he claimed having a big headache. But Mom wanted to ride this time:  so Scott stayed with our uncle . His face remained green all the time whenever he is in fear.

Kevin and I really had a good time because we tried every ride. They had American Idol audition here too. I asked if Scott wanted to try out.  He said he didn’t bring the violin. Scott could make you cry with his violin or the violin cries itself out every time he plays.  Anyway, Mom and I plan to go to Vietnam next summer. I promise him we will check it out about the band situation over there for him.

Maybe Scott will be popular as a one man band in Vietnam, he will be the youngest (Mom says Music Band over there uses old people; plus Scott speaks English so well; the folks can practice English with him in the spare time while they wait for jobs , and they can teach Scott Vietnamese).  He can eat all the Jackfruit he wants (Scott’s most favorite fruit from Vietnam. He gave Mom $50.00 to buy one big fresh Jackfruit two weeks ago so the King can eat himself) He couldn’t finish so we got to eat with him.  It is nice to eat fresh Jackfruit, not the frozen one.  I like Durian better. Kevin doesn’t care for either of them.

We came back to the hotel after a long and exhausting day at the theme park. We ate at Pizza  Hut then coming down to the pool for late night swim sessions. They had a nice Jacuzzi which you can only dip in for 15 minutes, then go to the big pool. Scott dove into this hot water hole and coming out crying because the hot water almost boiled his eye balls.  Can you believe this (the temperaute was 102 F.) . He should have read the instructions before jumping in.

P.S:  We got really nice birthday presents from our aunt and uncle plus our GrandMa took us out to buy nice clothes. We want to thank them for the wonderful time we spent with them.

We arrived at  Jacksonville,Florida last night  9p.m after one full day flying and transfering from airport to airport. It was a very long trip because of the tight security at every airport.We had to check in and out, then go to the planes. We were so tired that we went to sleep right away, no dinner at all.

Waking up around 8 a.m, Mom could not wait going to the beach :Mom’s favorite vacation place after Vietnam.  We went to the beach this morning .  It is about 1/2 hour from our grandpa’s home. We got there early. There were not too many people,  and the sun still rested low on the horizon.  We got our surfing boards in the water , but there weren’t too many big waves to push the boards any where.  So I just floated on the board.  Kevin and Scott played with the sand, building a sand castle.

After a while, Kevin got bored and he started to throw sand at me.  It wasn’t very nice, but he kept going and I cried about 5 times til he stopped.  Mom swam full speed.  She has been in the water the whole time;  my Dad got sun burned like a lobster because he sat by the pile of clothes to guard the keys of the car (Dad is always a careful man) while Mom ran away with the water.

Dad kept motioning Mom to come up to guard the pile so that he can go to cool down in the water. Mom kept ignoring him so he was stuck on the beach, being roasted by the sun the whole time.  Poor Dad. Our uncle, Lap, burried us deep down under the sand up to our necks Scott had a hat and a pair of sun glassesand kept wagging his head and smiling the whole time.

After a few hours of sun and sea, we went to the Golden Corral restaurant (Kevin’s favorite place:  all you can eat heaven).  He had salad, then 2 full plates of Macaroni, and a bowl of ice cream in the end.  We have been here 3 days now, and we went “all you can eat” 3 times. I wonder what will become of us at the end of this vacation, which will be 11 more days in Florida.

I stop and go to rest now since I am very sleepy after a full day in the sun.  Hope you all have a nice summer vacation. Kelly Nguyen.