There is a sad news this week: Kevin‘s friend’s Mom finally got divorced. She told Mom she was very generous because she wants nothing much from the ex-husband except enough money to buy food, to pay rent, going shopping and taking the kids out to eat every weekend.


She also wants to take the kids traveling in winter and in summer time. Scott said it seems that she wants to take everything from the husband. He felt sorry that the husband might have to take a second job so he can pay rent on his apartment. By the way, the Mom also got the house.


Scott is taking this news very seriously. He wants to make sure there’s no divorce touching his skin when he grows up and ready for a job. He asks Mom what kind of wife won’t divorce. Mom goes back to the old lesson: look at the eyes every time the sweet heart talks, watch her move in the beginning of the relationship.


We have a cousin who is a doctor; he would give his new girlfriend a credit card to see about her spending habit. Scott might be too broke to test the lady this way. Finally, the doctor found a smart girl who spends wisely to become his wife; Mom says she didn’t spend money at the test time, but she spends it now – in big load. The rest of the lesson about how to spot a good spouse _ Mom will need to write a book so Scott can follow to avoid being divorced by an angry wife. I’m too young to know this stuff. Kevin doesn’t care because he thinks he’s smart to handle any wife; only poor Scott gets very concerned and asked lots of questions.


One great idea Kevin says : Both should like to do the same thing; if you like watching sport, make sure she does too; and keep the dip and chips coming Scott is also worried that Mom might get a divorce and he will become Momless: Scott can’t function without Mom ;but I told him not to worry: Mom is too old to divorce. She will be here to watch us grow up and being mature.