Golda, our female Chihuahua, is a violent creature! She got into a fight with Nicky over a chicken head, which Mom brought out for them. Nicky must have gotten really mad that every time food arrives, Golda grabs the biggest bite, runs way , gobbles it down as fast as she runs, then reappears and takes the next bite as big as the last one.

Chili gives up, just stands around to watch Golda in action. Nicky got so mad this time that he started to growl and fight with Golda. But like always, Golda got the chicken head anyway and ran( Scott says it’s her nature to be a fast eater) I say she is a greedy dog . I tell Mom she should divide up the food, and let Chili and Nicky have their shares first.

Well, Golda is no longer a concern for Chili and Nicky! She ventured away one day through one of the holes in the fence, and never returned. Most likely, one of the neighbors or a passerby picked her up and kept her. She has not appeared on the Animal Shelter Web site for lost dogs, so most likely, she is now somebody else’s pet. We really miss her. Hope she doesn’t have to fight for food like in this house.

We got a day off yesterday so we went to YMCA to exercise as Scott wished since he thinks he needs to lose some weight. After 10 minutes on the treadmill, Scott switched to the row boat equipment. Scott was quite a scene to look at: he got a quilt cap with flappers covering his two ears, he wore dark sun glasses, and he got a short on to show off his skinny legs. He looked like a rat on the exercise machine: sweating and huffing. The hat keeps falling off every minute, so he has to use his hand to straighten it up.

After the hard work, Scott wants to eat at “In and Out Burger”. In no time, he gobbles down 2 Cheese Burgers and a big order of fries. He becomes very silent after the meal – a sign that he overstuffed himself.

Two more days of school, and we will have the Spring break for the whole week. I can’t wait. We will start planning birthday party for Scott and I: we will be 10 years old. Mom will make big party for us since she thinks number zero at the end of your age means something very big that we are getting older. It’s so much fun packing up goody bags for my friends.

Kevin’s writing is so sloppy that Papa made him do tracing like a toddler. Scott’s is not good either but still readable.

Every Friday after school, you see both of them line up sitting in front of the computer like 2 scientists working hard, but what they do is really concentrating on playing games; no talking, just playing so hard and being so serious.

They only start talking when they have to do the homework. It’s a very strange habit.


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