Golda, our female Chihuahua, is a violent creature! She got into a fight with Nicky over a chicken head, which Mom brought out for them. Nicky must have gotten really mad that every time food arrives, Golda grabs the biggest bite, runs way , gobbles it down as fast as she runs, then reappears and takes the next bite as big as the last one.

Chili gives up, just stands around to watch Golda in action. Nicky got so mad this time that he started to growl and fight with Golda. But like always, Golda got the chicken head anyway and ran( Scott says it’s her nature to be a fast eater) I say she is a greedy dog . I tell Mom she should divide up the food, and let Chili and Nicky have their shares first.

Well, Golda is no longer a concern for Chili and Nicky! She ventured away one day through one of the holes in the fence, and never returned. Most likely, one of the neighbors or a passerby picked her up and kept her. She has not appeared on the Animal Shelter Web site for lost dogs, so most likely, she is now somebody else’s pet. We really miss her. Hope she doesn’t have to fight for food like in this house.

We got a day off yesterday so we went to YMCA to exercise as Scott wished since he thinks he needs to lose some weight. After 10 minutes on the treadmill, Scott switched to the row boat equipment. Scott was quite a scene to look at: he got a quilt cap with flappers covering his two ears, he wore dark sun glasses, and he got a short on to show off his skinny legs. He looked like a rat on the exercise machine: sweating and huffing. The hat keeps falling off every minute, so he has to use his hand to straighten it up.

After the hard work, Scott wants to eat at “In and Out Burger”. In no time, he gobbles down 2 Cheese Burgers and a big order of fries. He becomes very silent after the meal – a sign that he overstuffed himself.

Two more days of school, and we will have the Spring break for the whole week. I can’t wait. We will start planning birthday party for Scott and I: we will be 10 years old. Mom will make big party for us since she thinks number zero at the end of your age means something very big that we are getting older. It’s so much fun packing up goody bags for my friends.

Kevin’s writing is so sloppy that Papa made him do tracing like a toddler. Scott’s is not good either but still readable.

Every Friday after school, you see both of them line up sitting in front of the computer like 2 scientists working hard, but what they do is really concentrating on playing games; no talking, just playing so hard and being so serious.

They only start talking when they have to do the homework. It’s a very strange habit.


Mommy, I love you the reddest.
I love you the color of the tasty licorice,
waiting for you to eat.
I love you the color of a shiny , juicy apple
sitting on the table.
You are as cozy as a knitted blanket.
You are as red as a salmon swimming
through the ocean.
You are as red as lava coming out
from a volcano.
I love you the color of rubies that make
you shine like a star.
I love you the color of the United States
of America flag.
You are as red as the feathers of a robin.
You are as red as the wine that you drink.
You are as red as the crayons that I
use everyday.
Mommy, I love you the reddest.
canon pics flowers 052-1



You are a nice Mom.
You go to the stores ( sometimes).
You are a hard working Mom.
You make us eat and study all the times.
You are also a really great cook,
but next time make sure the French Fries more crispy.
You also read a lot.
That makes you smart.

Thank you for reading this.

From Scott N.

P.S: You need to save your money!

Scott has set up a home for himself next to the bed: a huge box taken from the shipment of the Mac computer from Florida that our GrandDad no longer uses; Scott climbs in here to hide when he gets into trouble.


Lately when going to bed, Scott will also put a soldier hat over his head besides the soldier uniform, ready for the morning wake-up; he will wait til the last minute to get out of bed, brush teeth and carry his backpack to the car. He won’t mind not brushing his teeth.  He says the reason for the hat in bed is he won’t get sunburned while sleeping. Kevin asks: “Where is the sun to burn you up anyway?” Scott gives no answer, but still keeps his hat on.

Resized640x480_2 pups - 12 weeks

The Star Test is happening this week.  It is a very stressful time for all of us because we will get big money from Mom if we do very well; so Scott is trying his best – I can tell. He would sit and work quietly.  Nothing motivates Scott more than money in this world so that he could buy more toys. I thought he would stop at some point buying the action figures, but the list is still going on strong because Target keeps coming out with new guys monthly.

Sitting at the table doing my math, I watched Kevin: he was shaking his legs and whistling while taking care of the homework. No wonder he got lots of wrong answers when Mom checked his work.

PNW08 222

Kevin must be a hyper -boy because you always see him in motion: he keeps moving his pencil, keeps busy circling , underlining the reading  like a hard worker; but most of all, Kevin loves  shaking his legs; he is  not really into the reading like Scott. Scott would not even pick up the pencil:  too lazy, he would just do the math in his head, and only lifts up the pencil at the last minute because  he has to jot down the answer.

We went to Jumbo Juice for Smoothies.  We all ordered different things.  Once Scott’s drink arrived, he thought it tasted and smelled like perfume so instead of drinking it, he says we should pour it over ourselves.  I ended up drinking two Smoothies, very delicious. I like Smoothie now, no more Latte.

I can’t wait til next Friday .  Why?  No more tests!!!  It is the beginning of our summer . Even though we will still be going to school, the teacher makes it so relaxing ( My teacher is pregnant with her first baby, so she is taking it super ,super easy in the classroom because she and the baby need to rest most of the times.)

Scott asked if he could remain at the old school because he doesn’t want to miss his best friend , Ricky, the Vietnamese boy.You should see both of them together:  always hang – out , walking in pair to cafeteria or at recess like an old couple out of air because they don’t talk much, just stick around each other.

I will try to study more words from the dictionary (there is a reward also) and read more books to make Mama Nguyen happy.  She says the only way I can write better is to read a lot.  Kevin and Scott don’t write very well and they don’t care any way.

Chili, our female dog, has been chewing up our shoes in the backyard; I wonder why. Maybe she is nervous about something (whenever I’m nervous, I would eat my nails) . Scott says she should chew her paw instead of our shoes.