New School

We got accepted to the new school , Heartwood Academy. Yesterday we went to the orientation to register; it was held in the cafeteria. It was quite scary the way the principal presented the letter of commitment that students and parents need to sign in order to go here:

– Summer school is required for 3 weeks before school start .

– To arrive at school everyday by 7.15 am (Monday to Friday), and remain in school until 5 pm .

– Complete all homework every night. Tell the truth. Keep good behavior.

The list goes on and on for the whole page of all the things we are supposed to do. This school prepares for college from 5th grade ( Kevin already visited one college here in San Jose while his friends from old school visited the park for field trip) .

Scott didn’t look too happy hearing these new things. He thought by the time he got to 12th grade, would be the end of his study. He could relax and get a job . Then in a few more years, he would be old enough to have a girlfriend. Scott has already laid out his plan until he attended the meeting. Quite a big shock.

Scott looked really sad and worried, why all this much hard work and not much free time like the public school we are going to now ( teachers are so relaxed , super nice, and super easy ). We even got Honor roll without too much work.

I see how much Kevin has changed since going here. He has become an old man, and also lost his beer stomach from the summer in Florida.

I wonder what kind of life we will have once coming here? At the meeting, they even made us sit up straight, no slumping unlike the way Scott likes to sit – always spreads himself out on a table. He can’t sit straight .

Probably the only reason we like to come here is the wonderful Spring trip the school takes the good students of the 5th Grade to Los Angeles( they don’t let everyone come, only the superb good kids): Students get to visit a few colleges , then going to Disneyland. They will get the chance to stay in very nice hotel for the whole week. Kevin can’t wait for this Spring trip which will happen next month.

Sorry I can’t write too much this time because I don’t feel too happy about this place – just reporting what’s going on this week.


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