New School

We got accepted to the new school , Heartwood Academy. Yesterday we went to the orientation to register; it was held in the cafeteria. It was quite scary the way the principal presented the letter of commitment that students and parents need to sign in order to go here:

– Summer school is required for 3 weeks before school start .

– To arrive at school everyday by 7.15 am (Monday to Friday), and remain in school until 5 pm .

– Complete all homework every night. Tell the truth. Keep good behavior.

The list goes on and on for the whole page of all the things we are supposed to do. This school prepares for college from 5th grade ( Kevin already visited one college here in San Jose while his friends from old school visited the park for field trip) .

Scott didn’t look too happy hearing these new things. He thought by the time he got to 12th grade, would be the end of his study. He could relax and get a job . Then in a few more years, he would be old enough to have a girlfriend. Scott has already laid out his plan until he attended the meeting. Quite a big shock.

Scott looked really sad and worried, why all this much hard work and not much free time like the public school we are going to now ( teachers are so relaxed , super nice, and super easy ). We even got Honor roll without too much work.

I see how much Kevin has changed since going here. He has become an old man, and also lost his beer stomach from the summer in Florida.

I wonder what kind of life we will have once coming here? At the meeting, they even made us sit up straight, no slumping unlike the way Scott likes to sit – always spreads himself out on a table. He can’t sit straight .

Probably the only reason we like to come here is the wonderful Spring trip the school takes the good students of the 5th Grade to Los Angeles( they don’t let everyone come, only the superb good kids): Students get to visit a few colleges , then going to Disneyland. They will get the chance to stay in very nice hotel for the whole week. Kevin can’t wait for this Spring trip which will happen next month.

Sorry I can’t write too much this time because I don’t feel too happy about this place – just reporting what’s going on this week.

We were browsing the mall for shopping.  We went to Sbarro to buy some fancy pencils from Japan. I wanted to buy a text messenger but I thought about the batteries it would need;  I didn’t want to buy it.

Next, I wanted to buy a lunch bag. Then I thought about the time Mom bough me a Barbie lunch bag when I was in first grade. I didn’t even use it and threw it away. So I didn’t even want the lunch bag now.

Finally, I wanted to buy gum, but then I thought that if I chew gum, it would hurt my teeth, so I didn’t buy it either.

Afterward, we went to the B@N bookstore. Mom saw one book “Deal Breaker”. It’s about how to spot bad guys from good guys. Mom asked if I want to buy. I looked at it and said “No”, but I asked if I could have the money instead. She said “NO”. Such a deal breaker!

On second thought, I think Mom should buy the book for her “Lonely club”, so the members can learn how spot the trouble makers. Mom always says the problem starts when you can’t read people’s mind or keep getting the wrong messages: “Always look into the eyes; a bad person usually won’t look you in the eyes when talking). I notice that Nicky (our male dog) always looks into the eyes, so dogs never lie.

I notice Mom’s members don’t like to read at all.  Neither does Scott.

He’s extremely allergic to books. Scott is allergic to everything in this life except the fun time and his Action Figures. Mom and Scott are identical twins, except for the reading. When Mom is down, look at Scott, he will look very depressed. When Mom is up, Scott looks so happy. It’s such an amazing pair.

Yesterday Scott used Scotch tape to tape his front right shoe.  He likes this pair so much that he did not want to throw them away even though one has one side wide open exposing Scott’s toes. (Scott offered to Mom that he will wear Kevin’s shoes and Mom will offer him some money instead so he can buy something else; no need for new shoes).

Scott looks like a homeless boy. We went to Walgreen on Thursday. A homeless man asked if Scott has any money. Scott said he’s broke but he promised to come back next week with some money. So his homeless friend is waiting for Scott.  This man knows Scott well, he will approach Scott for money every time. One time Scott gave him all the money he got.  When he went inside the store, he had no money left; he almost cried. So Mom paid for him.

Hope Scott will have a good career so he can help his friends out.

Today is Sunday and it wasn’t a very good day.  Kevin didn’t want to study.  He got detention by Dad.  He can’t be playing on his computer for one month.  Later during the day, we went to YMCA to swim.  He wouldn’t come into the Gym, so Mom and I just went inside doing our job.  One hour later, we came out finding Kevin lying on the floor of the car in the back seat, sweating like a puppy just coming back from his daily run.  He got a tear on his cheek and sweat all over his body. I wondered if he had been crying for one hour straight.

Kevin said he checked around with his friends from school if they have to study on the weekend, and none of his friends have to work this hard.  So Kevin, Scott, and I don’t feel too good about all this extra work.  Scott says we should stage a strike (Scott just learned this idea from his Social Studies class.   If workers are not happy about pay or conditions of the work place, you can strike to get what you want.

Our pay is getting lower since last week. Now extra homework time, but still no pay for extra work.  Mom says we need to study for the Star test coming up in April or May. Then after Star test, she would say we need to study before Summer break. There is always an excuse for study. I like to take off and go somewhere, far away from school.

I probably get back to my old habit of drinking Latte so I don’t feel so stressful about my life right now.  Mom has to go back to work and the poet isn’t too happy about her current situation either.  Mom thinks poets should be excused from work so they can sit, look outside to the sun (in the day time), or the moon (at night), and write whatever ’s coming to the poet’s head.

Lately she can’t produce any poetry because her boss is after her at work.  (She probably writes and works at the same time).  Mom likes to save time by doing two things at the same time.

Everyday, coming home she has to cook for us and the dogs.  Our dogs are spoiled now: they won’t eat dog food.

I hope someday I will win the lottery so I can take Mom and the rest of us going around the word.  All of us can be excused from school for a while because we will be so rich.  Any degree can wait for a few years.

Mom is getting very tired from doing overtime on everything .At night, she has to be on guard with the phone for emergency from her “Broken-Heart Shelter” (Mom is the President so she has to do lots of work for members).  Most members are depressed so they don’t want to do anything besides talking about the issue.

We don’t have to go AA meeting any more because we are going to have our own meeting at the house once a month.  All members will gather here to eat and talk about their not too good situations. Mom lets me be the Secretary of the club so I can observe, make tea or bring cookies to the sufferers.

I’m very excited about this new job.  Soon we will need to go to Office Depot to buy some supplies for the meeting.   Mom says we will have to fix our Karaoke system so members can sing when there is nothing else better to do.

I can’t wait for the first meeting.

It’s late, I need to sign off and go to sleep now.

Kevin had a day off from the new school so he came back to his old school to visit his old friends. He met all the football players (most of Kevin’s friends want to be football players when growing up, so this is all they do at recess: run and chase ball. They don’t care too much about homework or classroom activities; they like recess much better).

Kevin used to be a small boy last year, but not anymore after this past summer. Now the football players seem to respect Kevin since he has grown so fast into a big and not very skinny boy. He lost some weight because Mom put him on a diet. His friends gathered around him, talking and asking about his new school. Then Kevin started to chase ball with them until the bell rings.

Scott used to chase ball also. Both Scott and Kevin used to have basketball lessons. Dad got mad because Scott just stood there, letting other kids get the ball. He was scared of hitting the other kids. So that was the end of my brothers’ career in sports. The only game I see that they are both very aggressive is their video game.

Kevin tried to recruit his best friend to move to his new school by saying they will get to go to Disneyland this year, also his school serves three meals a day, while I only get to eat only once at my school. His friend, Jessie, thinks it is such a good school that he will ask his Mom to enroll him in. The only detail Kevin left out was: You have to wake up at 6 am to get ready for school. It starts at 7.15 pm, and does not end til 5 p.m. Any kid who hears of these long, crazy hours would have second thought .They are very strict here: if you don’t stand in straight line before going to class , they will mark off point. The more point you lose, the less you get to go on the field trips.

Scott knows it by now, he isn’t looking forward to this new school. He likes the easy, relaxed atmosphere at our school now. Every day, he barely gets out of bed by 8 am, and we have to be in the classroom by 8.30. Luckily, he dresses readily the night before , and it’s only a 5 minutes drive from our home.

Mom was reading a book about meditation, so she reads to Scott about monkey mind – how a mind jumps around if you don’t sit still and concentrate at your work. I think Scott is a monkey with a shrieking laugh.

Mom will try to make us sit and meditate because she‘s got a meditation magazine to help kids sit and be silent.

This meditation will start next week when we have the Spring break.

Yesterday, Mom started a beauty treatment by putting tea bags on each eye for 5 minutes, then cucumber slices on the under eyes to reduce puffiness. Scott wasted no time to copy the treatment, but he used two pieces of Scotch tapes taping the cucumber to his face so that it will stay in place.

You should see Scott with cucumber under eyes walking around the house like he‘s just being beaten up by bullies.

Sorry to end this writing on such an ugly picture of Scott!