Today is Friday – my most favorite day of the week. My friend Elizabeth went home with me after school to play. From the mail box, there was a flyer about someone who lost a dog, a German Shepherd. It said the dog have a tattoo on the inside of its rear leg. This is the first time I heard of dog with a tattoo. Poor dog! He must have been in pain to have this tattoo done.

Last Sunday, Mom took us to the temple with the picky Monk because we had not been there for some time. This monk will chew you up for the whole sermon if you don’t put the shoes at the door in place. He will only talk about shoes and nothing else. You won’t hear about Buddha but shoes and shoes only. I think Mom taking us here so we can learn how to line up shoes nicely.

This Sunday was also the absolution day (Buddha will forgive you your sins if you bow to him 100 times). These are very deep bows to the floor, then raise your body up to the standing position, then lower your body down all the way to the floor again, then you have to kiss the mat on the floor. I guess after doing this, any aggressive person has to be humble and nice because he’s so tired, no more strength to fuss.

After about 10 bows Kevin quit! I heard him huff and puff for about five minutes – then completely out of air, then cold quit. Scott followed suit immediately; no more bows. Scott isn’t a patient kid especially when it comes to hard work. That was it ! Only Mom and I were left. We just kept going on and on to make a good example for my brothers; but I think they didn’t care anyway.

The 2 boys just rested on the chairs like other senior citizens being excused and sat on the chairs watching the sinners huffed and puffed their sins away.

I kept looking at Kevin and Scott but they tried to ignore my eyes anyway. The chief monk also gave them some look that wasn’t very friendly .

Finally Kevin took off going outside; so did Scott. Seeing them flee, I didn’t feel too good about bowing anymore. So I stopped and quietly sneaked outside when the monk was kissing the ground. Mom kept on till the finishing line. The first time I saw Mom kept up her commitment. She probably had lots of sins to ask for forgiveness.

Coming home after this bowing session, she wrote some poem about absolution. After doing something so stressful, the poet can produce some really nice work.

Going to school this morning, Scott wore a pair of jeans and an old army jacket with the hood .  The backpack was so heavy that it dragged him down like Santa Claus carrying the big present bag . Scott looked like a little mouse going to the field for work. Scott just got some new pant; he goes through a new pant every two months because he always  gets it torn by the knee.
Kevin gets too many A’s lately that Mom has to reduce the reward fee.  Scott also makes some good money from his A’s, but once he thinks he gets enough to buy whatever he wants, he won’t work hard any more.  Scott is the man who knows when enough is enough. He’s not a greedy boy.

Last night going to bed Scott cried like a 2 years old baby because somebody stole his little tech deck, and he thinks I stole it because I was right near it while he was taking a shower. But I swore I didn’t do it, but once in a while he kept on saying ” Give me my toy back!”. We could not get any sleep at all because he was whimping the whole night.

I saw a friend  with a “Tea cup puppy”, she told me it costs $3000.00; you can give this dog a bath in a little teacup but not putting too much water or the poor thing will drown. I want to have this tea cup puppy. Wonder how long and how much I have to save to buy this puppy.

I just read tip from a beauty book:  I should avoid frowning or I’ll look 50.  Also I can do my own manicure instead of going to a salon and wasting $10.00 plus tip. I was thinking of 2 Lattes for the $10.00 saving from the manicure, but maybe I will save money  for the “Tea cup puppy” .

Thinking of Latte, I haven’t been back to AA meeting because I had been cured of the disease: Haven’t had a drink for almost 3 weeks. Wonder how my toothless friend is doing,  will come back to visit him sometimes.

Mom has a friend who is going through  crisis right now.  She cries from morning til midnight, also cries at work . She was heart-broken because she was in love with Mom’s cousin (Mom introduced this pair to each other). The cousin was wooing her by emails because he worked overseas. Then half way, the cousin just disappeared for no reason, this lady went crazy by the sudden change of wind.  Mom tried to hunt down the cousin  for her friend but no avail.  So every night Mom has to talk on the phone to calm her friend  down. I heard both of them curse the cousin out a lot.

This lady happens to be  a very good cook, the sadder she is, the more she cooks for Mom to eat; the more Mom eats, the more she can cut and analyze the situation better.   I surely learn a lot about love from Mom and her friends: Men change their minds a whole lot so you should prepare when this happens, no surprise, no crying, “Just deal with the animal”   (Sorry for the strong language but Mom says this   when she dispenses serious lessons about love and men).  Mom even went further telling her friend to imagine that her cousin gets sick about something that he can’t write anymore.  I wonder what disease that stops you from writing to your loved one.

I think Mom should open a “Broken Heart Shelter” for all her lonely lady friends; she likes to rescue hearts. My late Grandma used to tell her not to get into this introduction thing because people wouldn’t say “thank you” when thing goes well, but when it gets nasty, the matcher will be blamed first.  But Mom can’t help herself, she does it from left to right, and all the times:  can’t stop and won’t stop. I can’t wait til I am of age to  see how she will find match for Kevin, Scott and I.

Kevin’s best friend moved away to Livermore to live with his Mom and the new Dad. We went to his Mom’s wedding a month ago. Most of Kevin’s friends moved away from the old school. Some parents even got divorced. It is so sad.

The parents of another friend, Henry, got separated last year. Henry is very sensitive; he’s still distraught over this incident that he has to go to see a therapist with his Mom every week. I heard the husband change his mind. He wanted a different lady. I notice men change their minds a lot.

Mom says it is the way God make man and woman; I just have to be careful whom I pick when I grow up.

Most of my friends’ parents got divorced. They stay with the Mom during the week: every Friday, the Dad will pick them up. They have 2 separate houses. It is neat because the Dad would spoil them on the weekend; the Mom would spoil them during the week. I notice they do puppy eyes all the times like Scott making the parents giving them what they want.

I am glad my Mom is too old to get divorced. If you ask her to do something, and she doesn’t like to do it, she would say she is too old to do it. Some night when I am not too tired and sleepy, I will tug Mom in bed because she is too old to get out of bed to tug me in.

Well I don’t want my parent getting divorced; I want to live with both of them. My Mom is a lot of fun to be around. She is the director of the house; she even commands the three dogs and all the fishes. Without Mom they will be starving because Mom feeds them daily with very good food. Golda got egg rolls last night (Mom made a bunch for our teachers).

Yesterday we went to YMCA for exercise. Kevin wanted to do the treadmill; this was the 1st time for Scott and I to be in the exercise room; we used to do swimming only. Scott wasted no time to hop on the treadmill and played with the screen. As soon as he found out how it worked; Scott let it run, then tried to stop it by dragging his feet on it. The instructor came to remove him from the exercise room. So he went to play basketball himself. We did one hour of exercise, then one hour of swimming. Kevin looked happy and fit. I felt very good afterward.

Since we got the laptop, we all have to write letters to our aunts and uncles every week, telling them what happens during the week. You will see Scott’s and Kevin’s work more often from now on.