The meeting

Mom thinks we need to put me on the rescue plan ASAP because she believes in doing things now, not later. She called for AA phone number, talked to the lady to find out where the meeting would be held.


Last Sunday we went. It was raining really hard. The meeting was held in a big old house with a basement. It started at 8.00 P.M; we came in at 8.10 because we didn’t want to come early. We went into a room where we saw one meeting was going on. There were lots of Mexican and black people, only a few white people. I was the only child there. After sitting for 10 minutes, we knew we were in the wrong place: it was for Cocaine Anonymous.


So we tiptoed out of the room and looked for AA meeting. It had a sign pointing downstairs so we went down. It was a smaller room with about 10 men, one white woman. There was a black man who must be the chief, sitting at the front table facing the audience. He talked about how he had been sober for 19 years and still going to meetings to keep himself in check.


Each person introduced his first name and had a few minutes talking about how and what he need to do to keep himself in control, not letting the beer or liquor being the boss. When it was Mom’s turn, she just introduced her first name, not giving the speech. Mom is a thinker, not a talker, but when she talks she would shock people with her thoughts. She tries to make people laugh most of the time. Mom doesn’t do small talk like lots of other people, I notice.


There was one Mexican guy who talked about his recovery. He was the best dresser there, all in black with a black hat also. I noticed he missed two front teeth. He must have fallen down while drinking. You could hardly understand what he was saying because air seemed to go through the space where his front teeth were, and make the words coming out blurry. Most of these people drink too much, they have black out, fall down a lot and get arrested by the police.

It was an amazing experience for me to see these people. Everyone who comes here need to have a sponsor so they can call to debate before the next drink. The same will be for me: I will need to find a sponsor so every time I have the urge for a Latte, I will need to call my sponsor up to ask if it is all right to go for what my heart desires. And my sponsor can’t be my family member. I wonder who can be my sponsor, and who will understand this problem I am having right now. Also I need to attend these meetings regularly to solve this Latte addiction.


Also they have a 12-steps program that you need to stick to. Next time, I will try to copy them down. I heard one guy suggest owning a dog; he had 3 dogs to keep him in check. I think we should send Scott and Kevin here to cure their obsession; in fact our whole family should come here instead of going to the mall every weekend. They also serve free cookies and coffee.

Happy Valentine


Saturday will be Valentine day. I can’t wait, I am writing cards for all my friends in class. I ask Kevin and Scott to make cards for the whole family on this day. I even write cards for Nicky and Chili. Mom will get some cash from me (I will stick $5.00 to her card). Mom likes cash (the best gift for her, I know) , then she will go buying some gifts for her friends. Mom loves giving gifts to people. She thinks it makes them happy. She just bought 5 orchids plants to give to her friends on Valentine.


Yesterday, I made a big withdrawal from the bank . Now, I am very rich. No need to worry about where the money will come from . I bought Kevin and Scott some Lee’s sandwiches, got enough money to pay rent for the next 2 months.


I will need to have a job soon but nobody will hire me since I am only 9 years old. I have been selling yarn in school to this girl but she stops buying since she is not even knitting. I talked her into buying the yarn so I could make some money. Hope her Mom won’t find out or I will get into big trouble. My next job will be knitting neckties and scarves for my friends for a fee, but noone asks about this yet. Everyday I wear my knitted necktie for advertisement. Mom thinks it’s very cute – still no job offered.

Kevin’s birthday is coming up next week, he will be 11 years old – such an old man. He will have a big party, inviting all his friends to Jungle Island so they can shoot Laser Guns, then having a few dear friends sleeping over afterward. I will help to arrange for the party, I will get him a present. But on second thought, it’s cheaper if I knit him a necktie because he doesn’t have one.

Scott is very excited about this birthday even though it is not even his. He gets to go to shoot a Laser gun (his most favorite sport).

Mom has been giving out $2.00 for each A we get on every test. It’s a good reward system so everyone tries very hard on the study, especially Scott. Nothing motivates Scott more than money. I hope Scott will have a great career that generates lots of cash so he can buy toys whenever he wants.

Yesterday going to Target, he just looked and looked, eyeing the next toy he canbuy. He looked like a cat being caught in the rain – so, so sad. Walking slowly out of the store, it rained heavily and this cat really got wet.I didn’t even have to imagine.


The Rat War.

From Scott Nguyen

Day Two/ The Rat War.

We bought the new exclusive glue tray and caught a big, fat mouse. This was the second rat we caught so far. There must be a rat kingdom in this house.


Golda has been missing for 3 days. Kelly missed the dog so much; she put up a sign that said:” Wanted, Golda, brown dog, reward will be paid.”


Wonder how much she will pay for the reward. Meanwhile when Scott was investigating near the pond, he realized all the fish were gone too. So he got his walkie- talkie out to report the incident to General Kevin.

Then Kevin screamed out at Scott:” You fool, you were supposed to check for rats.”

“Oh, I will get on with my duty,Sir.”


Just then , he saw an army of rats scurrying by. So he grabbed a grenade and killed himself , also the rat army. Scott dedicated his life for Kevin and Kelly.

The end.


I will start to pay rent to my Mom from now on. I have decided to become a responsible member of the family. Every month I ‘ll ask Mom to send me the bill. I hope I have enough money for rent and still some left-over to pay for my Lattee addiction.

lt is getting very serious. Everytime going to a store, and if I see a Starbucks nearby, I have to visit this temple of mine.


Without this addiction, I would be a millionaire in 30 years, but with this devil habit, I might never make it (according to the book ) unless I make more money than all the Lattee’s costs minus various expenses each month. ( Mom says I ‘m quite a spender, that I don’t control my impulse whenever I get a few dollars in my pocket).


Thinking about my future career, I should pursue a career that gives me enough money to spend during the month til my writing career taking off. The friend of Starbucks Coffee didn’t make the printing for his book til he’s in his 60s, and out of a job. He ended up working for Starbucks, and wrote the book about his experience with Starbucks: “How StarBuck saved my life.”

I have plenty of time til I hit 60. By the way, I should find a theme for my writing instead talking about Scott’s and Kevin’s bad habits. Mom says nothing is more boring than bragging about your own family, so I guess you won’t hear good news from this family, just the bad news from my brothers and I, also Mom and Dad. Maybe this is the theme: “The Bad Family.”

Scott is counting the money he got from Florida for Chrismas present. He says he can’t wait to spend “The cold hard cash.” Dad got out a bag full of coins under his bed. I saw Scott dipping his hands into it daily to count the pennies or whatever into one dollar sum, then putting them in sandwich bag, labeling $1.00 each. Then he put the money into a bag and carried the bag with him every time we went to the store. He says this way he has the money handy.

It was quite heavy and the bag dragged him down unmercifully. But this is the only task that Scott seems proud to carry out, no need to get help from any family member because he doesn’ t trust anyone else with money.

Ms. Oprah is again at 200 lbs. She must have eaten lots of Kentucky Fried Chicken last year. Her resolution for the New year is losing some of that weight. It must be tough being that rich and famous and not being able to eat whatever you want. Scott loves Kentucky Fried Chicken himself. I wonder what happens to the fat. He needs fat to keep his pant on.

Last Thursday, we went to the try-out for swimming lesson. Scott refused to come in because Mom didn’t bring the right swim trunk for him. Well we couldn’t wait for Scott so Kevin and I came in to try out for the coach.

Fifteen minutes later, Scott walked in with a plastic strip he made from the white garbage bag he found in the car to tie around his waist to keep the trunk in place. It was quite a sign to see but we dared not to laugh because he might not swim. He looked shy but proud that somehow he made the trunk work for him so he could swim for the coach. That is all about my twin. He is a pain most of the times.



Mom thinks I have an addiction that needs to be kicked off or I will become a mess: Caffeine Addiction.

She noticed every time we go out, I will ask to go to StarBucks first. If standing in line to buy the Latte, I am the youngest one there. Mom is embarrassed to take me there. She thinks she is a bad Mom for letting me go on for so long with this Caffeine stuff. I don’t know what to think: good or bad my behavior; but it feels good after having that coffee into my system.


I even feel better after fully consuming half of the Grand size Cappuchino that I become light-headed that I can pick up the pen and thoughts just flow in my head and I just write and write like the devil is holding the pen and move it for me. I write best when I have this much Latte.


Once the Latte sinks in which is about 10 minutes time frame , I would talk more strangely and she would laughs so hard because I start being funny. Then she has to get to the notebook to scribble down what I say so later I can look at the notes and rewrite my thoughts. Mom thinks I can even become a Comedian someday if I keep on with this Latte.

But this bad habit is like any other bad habit: It costs me a lot of money or all my money. I received a statement from the bank, it said I earned 7 cents for the monthly interest. The average Latte costs me $5.35. So it will take 75 months or 6 years of bank interest’s earnings to pay for just one Latte. Nowadays I average at least three Lattes a week.

Maybe it is time to slow down or to stop feeling good. Maybe I should drink milk instead; and hope this milk will inspire me also. I can tell milk doesn’t do anything good except making you fat like Kevin, and I don’t want to be fat. Every night after wobbling the milk down, they run fast to the computer catching up on their games. Milk provides energy but not inspiration to produce nice thoughts in the kind of work I do.

Everyday, I feel sad and bored with the glass of milk we all have to drink. After consuming that monster drink, which the cows try to make for us (It was the mistake to point it out to Scott, now he uses it to point out to me). I try to read, but nothing works after the milk. Luckily I pick up knitting that I could sit to knit away so I could forget my Latte friend for awhile.

Golda ran away. I wonder where she went. She’s usually scared to walk anywhere. Now she’s gone. Poor dog, we will have to go to the Shelter looking for her.

Mom is looking up theAA Club (Alcoholic Anonymous) to ask if they have Caffeine Anonymous so I can go to, but they don’t have so we will go to AA instead. I can’t wait to go and see what they will do there for me but I miss my friend Starbucks a whole lot.