Scott’s writing about Mom….

Scott’s writing about Mom….

class I ‘m going to tell you how special my Mom is.

People call her Vicky
Do but her real name is Vicky. She is hilarious. She is super generous.
She will never stop teaching us til we die.

I call her a chef because she is the only person that cooks  fast food
in our house. She reads so much. She even has a book in her purse. She
is cheap so she does not want to buy me toys very often.

is old but she looks like a 34 years Mom because she highlights her
hair. She got red hair this week. She likes to buy stuffs on sale from
everywhere and always says:
“It’s a brand-new toy here. Take it, I got it from Target” .

I know it is not from Target because Kevin and I  know every Target’s toy ( we go there all the times).
she is a good Mom ( Kelly keeps telling me this  all the times to
remind me to cause less trouble, but I can’t help it  . It’s hard to be
good around Kelly)
Every time Mom reads a
book, she will tell Kelly about the funny things, then Kelly writes
them down in the blog to make  story for people to read . Mom and Kelly
make a  good team in writing and yelling. They both scare me and Kevin.
Now do you know that every smart, healthy Mom  is a gift from God? ( I borrowed this  from Kelly and she got it from Mom) .
have to pay Kelly some money so she  posts this writing  because I
don’t have a blog yet. She promises to give me the refund  when I have
my blog (  will take this out and  post to my own blog. I need to write
this money down to make sure  Kelly won’t underpay me).
Wish you all a very Happy New year.THE END . See you next time when I have something good to write .