just coming back from the lunch kevin…

Just coming back from
the lunch Kevin treated us.We went to Yummy buffet . Never before I
feel this  sick from overeating. I have to lie down and rest for one
hour ,before I can get up to write.

stomach is so big, I can hardly breathe.I don’t know  trying to stuff
yourself with food can become this hard afterward. Mom has the same
problem, she is very quiet because she is too full to talk. The quiet
poet for a change.
(The poet is still
writing. Now she switches to writing in English because she says it
easier for her than in Vietnamese . It is a more free style . Mom likes
freedom more than anything in this world.The poem can be short or long
or even 2 lines. )
In  Vietnamese she has to do at least 12 lines for the poem making any sense. Also writing in Vietnamese she can only express
broken love which she thinks she wrote enough  love stories . People keep asking her if she is this broken in love.
Mom just laughs off, she had her share I think.She keeps telling us
about love lessons;whom we  should avoid so our heart can be in one
piece. I even wrote it down ( the eye-shifting  type is the worst). I
think Mom got one of those.

Kevin got a
good report card this time, all A’`s. So he got $200.00 from our
auntie, $100.00 from Mom. Scott and I got nothing because at our
grade,  we only get S or P , not A or B like Kevin. Hopefully next
year I will get this much money like Kevin.
This is the 1st time I see Kevin get so much money, he keeps taking out
the hundred dollar bills, looking at them and showing off to Scott.
Scott kept quiet because it is not his. If it was his, he would make
very funny noise like a horse’s hissing.
Yesterday we
went to the mall shopping because Kevin and I got  money to spend. We
bought games for our PSP plus some clothes. I got myself a nice dress
in yellow color for summer . Scott got no money at all so he said
nothing and the teary eyes.

Kevin felt so
sorry for Scott that he bought him a shirt and a cap. Scott smiled
immediately. It doesn’t take much making Scott happy.
Scott is still broke since last Christmas, no source of any kind of income for this boy.
From our lunch buffet, I sneaked  home some chicken on the stick left
over for Golda. Golda is nicer than Pixie. I have to work so hard for
Pixie, cleaning her cage daily after her mess. She still makes noise
every-night, reminding us who is the boss of the house.

Golda ,Nicky and Chili just mind their own business, never bother
anyone. If we are nice, give them a bath and play with them a bit.
Thanks God  they can  run all they want in our big garden.
This Sunday is the annual violin recital at our violin school, so we
have to practice very hard this week.On Monday we will board the plane
flying to Florida for the summer vacation.I can’t wait  to see
different lands. Mom is flying to Japan with her sister.
Hope someday I can travel overseas with Mom, she says I am too young
going far away, I might get sick. Mom has a trick, every-time she does
not want us to do something, she will draw some very dismal pictures to
scare us. She really scare Kevin and Scott about Vietnam that they
don’t want to set foot there. In fact they saw the video how they chase
after the dogs ( Scott’s friends).

For me, I am still thinking about Vietnam and what I will do with it someday.
Wish you all a nice summer vacation.

this poem is from chili in memory of …

This poem is from Chili in memory of the dead Rico ( He got run over by a big truck)
Oh my dear Rico,
How I miss you so,
Where are you now Rico?
Bye my dear Rico.
P.S: Now Nicki has a new lover,
Whose name is Golda,
So cute and so sweet,
Oh my dear Golda.
Mom still churns out poems daily sometimes from 3 or 4 am in the morning whenever the mood strike, she has to get up and write.
love epic from Vietnam is also in the love blog.Readers just have to
guess which one it’s .Mom told her friend about it so she can get away
with whipping up the whole book (Mom thought she could write but I
don’t think she can) .
Now the friend wants Mom to
translate the epic poem into Vietnamese which is also hard for Mom
because she is not good at this translating business either as it
happenned before with the angry poets.They are still mad at her.Mom
just laughs it off… Now she is even a bigger poet.
just translates her poems into English and it is so funny like the way
Mom used to translate other people’s poems. Mom says she doesn’t even
dare to translate her own poems because it is very hard.It is easier
for her to write than translating.

We just
visited the hairdresser again for hair cut. The sea is calm now. No
more love crisis over there. The kids just sat to watch Tivi.
just threw Chili in the pond.Chili had to swim up to shore and Scott
got into big trouble. Scott has been a bad boy lately for some reason.
The hot weather must have done something to him. I can’t wait til we
get to Winsconsin , our aunt will discipline him better.
So if anyone who can translate for Mom,please let her know.